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The next morning, the moment Kayli woke up, she began flipping through the pages of the notebook. looking at them one by one until she reached the torn page of the book. The riddle puzzled her. What was made Of silver and platinum?Was it referring to the robots? Because the robots were definitely Invincible creatures. But then what did Leave no fatal marks mean? What leave no fatal marks? Was it referring to the shorter? But the last four lines the were most confusing. What was this disk? And especially the secret on the last line? Kayli looked at the last few lines again.

A single disk

And peace

And silence

And the secret

It looked like a list of items, but Kayli could also tell that there were mores words that had been torn off following each of these lines. What was to follow them? Kayli really didn’t know and she was curious. She wondered if this had anything to do with the solution to shortening the time of heating up the robots. If it was, then she really needed to figure it out.

Kayli sighed. She really had nothing else to do, so why not? But then, where was she going to look for clues? Kayli shivered at the thought of going back into that dark cave of a place, but maybe they would be dead by now. It had been days and Kayli could tell that they hadn’t been very strong in the first place and now, even if she still had to deal with them, they were probably weak enough that Kayli would be able to get away without too much harm.

She got up from the coffee table and grabbed a torch, a long dagger and cloth to cover her mouth from any smell that reek from dead bodies. She looked around making sure that she had brought everything before she set off, heading straight towards the ruins.

It had been a while since the last time she had been to the ruins, of course, she actually hadn’t been there since the incident with the notebook. But she could deal with it now. If it meant the safety of everyone else, she was willing to take the risk.

She reached the ruins pretty quickly, sliding into the familiar old alleyway, which had now lost its old smell of familiarity. Now it just smelled like another old alleyway in the slums, reeking of crack already. Kayli frowned, she hadn’t thought that people may have settled down here. She hadn’t even bothered to set the place off limits. But she let out a sigh of relief when she got there.

The place was abandoned as ever. There was no one there. Maybe the ghost story stopped people from coming here, but it worked perfectly, that was all that Kayli needed for now. A temporary something to prevent people from coming here while she still needed the privacy. She knew that the ghost thing was not going to last, so she had to work as fast a possible.

She weaved through the rubble, now trying to figure out what she was going to do next. She could go and find her old hole and dig a new one nearby, but she couldn’t guarantee that she would be able to find a way to get down from there nor could she be sure that she would be able to find them there. But there was no other idea that she could come up with and it was a starting place. so Kayli headed towards her old spot, still slightly familiar with the path having gone through the area a couple times before.

Kayli reached her old hole quickly, noticing the bould that was sticking out of the ground. It was just so obvious, she hadn’t even realized that it was that big of a boulder. That log underneath had really helped, if it weren’t for that, she probably wouldn’t even have been able to make it budge.

Kayli plowed on and found a small area that seemed that had rather loose dirt and set to digging. She realized that she had forgotten to grab some digging utensil again even though she had even stopped to see if she need to bring anything else.

She felt stupid and she really wanted to slap herself like the thousands of other times where she had gotten into situations where she wanted to slap herself for her forgetfulness. Kayli looked around and found long stone slab that she broke into a small enough peice that she could wield easily, but still be able to dig quickly.

She set to work, plowing up dirt from the ground, but moments later she hit something hard when she bent down to see what it was, she saw a hard granite stone. That was not going to help her. she groaned as she began digging sideways, hoping to find a way in.she dug for another hour, until she found the end of the stone. And then she realized that another chunk almost directly continued from the last stone, revealing a crack that was too small to fit her. Not until now did she realized how lucky she got that time that she dug a hole straight down to the bottom. she didn’t know how much longer it would take her to find a real way down, but she was sure it would take her quite a while and Kayli was not looking forward to this.

She sighed as she set her “shovel” down, wiping the sweat from her brow. She was getting tired. Her hands were already starting to bleed from the digging and it hurt know just to hold something. She wasn’t sure that this was the best idea anymore, but since she started, she had to finish. Kayli was not going to just leave. She wasn’t willing to admit defeat. Not just yet. Kayli took a quick rest and then got up again to keep digging.

Kayli was starting to get a little thirsty and she realized that she should have brought some water too. She sighed as she got up. Maybe she would come back later today, but as for now, she needed to get back.

Kayli sat down the stone slab in her hand and wiped the dirt on her pants. She grabbed the torch, which she had set snugly between two crevices. She looked around and made sure that no one was there before she began setting off once again. Making her way quickly back, she reached the backup headquarters in thirty minutes without an incident. She quickly washed up and drank plenty of water. She went ahead and bandaged her hands as well, realizing that she would need the protection, not only for digging but for punching people if it came to that.

She made sure that everything was set, bring an actual shovel this time, along with a water canteen, some food and a small medkit. She looked as if she were leaving for a while (which she was) even though she was only going to a place 30 minutes away.

Kayli arrived back at the hole that she had made, now realizing how massive it was. It stretched so many meters wide, yet she still hadn’t found a way down yet. Kayli was feeling out of it and even though she had rested for a while, she stilled felt drained. Kayli set down her stuff and began digging again, ignoring the pain in her hands and the dryness of the whole process. At first, while she was digging thoughts had been whirring through her mind, but now, her mind had run dry and she didn’t know what to think about now. She had tried to solve almost all of the problems that she had to deal with and in the end, she did not come up with a solution to any of them. Oh wonderful.

It wasn’t that Kayli didn’t want to think about them, but there really wasn’t anything she could do about them. Wasting more brain juice on these problems would be completely pointless.

Kayli was about to stop when her shovel made a hollow sound. Kayli stared at the spot, wondering what she had hit. Hitting stone only made a dull thudding noise, so what was this? Kayli looked at the area, inspecting it over. It was too covered in dust for her to see what it was, but it seemed to be some type of ceramic. Kayli felt excitement bubble inside her. If it was really ceramic, then she would have a way in, because she knew that she could break ceramic. As long as this ceramic led to an empty hole.

Kayli could only pray that this would work.

She slammed her shovel down at the object and there was a loud shattering noise as it broke. Dust and debris began rolling down the hole. Kayli punched the ceramic slab with her shovel a couple more times to widen the hole until she could fit into it.


She sighed contently, grabbing the torch from where it sat and descended down into the ruins once again.

The place was dark and musty, though it was now reeking with some type of unpleasant smell. Kayli covered up her nose and began weaving around the area, trying to figure out where she was. A few seconds later, she rounded a turn and found herself back at the old spot that she had dug from. It reeked of blood and flesh and she swore she saw the slightest glimpse of a body stick out from underneath the boulder.

Kayli didn’t even bother to go and look at it. She began looking at the ground and saw, torn to shreds, little pieces of paper that were scattered across the floor. Kayli breathed out in excitement and began picking them up. There weren’t many of them and each one was terribly small. She wished that she had brought something to hold them so that she wouldn’t lose them, but she only had a water flask.

Oh well.

She quickly poured out the contents of her water flask and got rid of as much water in it as possible and then placed the pages inside. She looked around to make sure that she didn’t miss anything and then rushed out of the place as fast as possible, not wanting to stay in there a moment longer.

Kayli felt so excited.

The End

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