.08 Circuit: SlumsMature

Sarah woke up with Kyle in her face, staring intently at her. She jerked back in surprise.

“What are you doing?” She demanded.

Kyle drew back step down a big heavy book that he had hovered over her head.

“I was making sure that you didn’t just suddenly go crazy.”

Sarah gave him a weird look.

“And where did you get that notion from?” She asked, rubbing her eyes slightly.

“From the fact that you were acting weirdly in your sleep.”


Kyle picked up the book and cut her short.

“I found the book.”

“Oh.” Sarah got up and leaned in to look at the book. “And?”

“Well, someone must have ripped out the latest page of the book.”

“What? What do you mean?” Sarah looked at the book and there it was, the place where there should have a been a page, remained only a series of ridged edges.

“I remember seeing this page before. But it’s not here anymore. Obviously someone had come here to rip it out, not to mention put it in a different location. I knew I wasn’t wrong about where it was.”

“But, why would someone do that?”

“Well...” Kyle paused to think for a moment. “Maybe someone knows about what you’ve been wanting to do the whole time and it trying prevent from doing it. But who would that be?”

Sarah was just as confused and she wondered why and how someone would know their intentions. It couldn’t be Hannah or Richard because Hannah would never be smart enough to do that and Richard never even found out about them.

“Well I’m stumped.” She said with a pout and plopped down onto her chair again. Kyle looked around the room in thought as well. But finally, he closed the heavy book with a sigh.

“I suppose it will be a mystery to be solved later.” He heaved the book up and squeezed it back on the the shelf. “We’ll just have to find another way to prove who you are.”

“Or just not prove at all.”

“No.” Kyle shook his head. “That’s not going to work.”

“Why don’t we make a fake family tree?”

“Do you know the names of your ancestors?”

“... No...”

“Exactly.” Kyle looked out of the window into the darkness of the slums, his brows knit into a deep frown. “I think of something. But for now, let’s go.”

Sarah nodded, eager to get out of this ugly room and they left. Closing the door of the library with a creak. The moment they left, a dark shadow lept out from beneath the exact floorboard that Kyle had led Sarah to the other day. The figure was holding a torn sheet in its hand as it scuttled after Kyle and Sarah.

The End

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