.08 Circuit: DreamMature

“Why did you come?” A soft voice echoed as Sarah looked up and around. She was on a play platform, tied to a chair. Her surrounding were dark and the only light source came from directly above her, beaming down bright white light on her pale face. “Why did you come to save me?”

The voice moaned in sadness.

“I was so happy. He was so nice.” The singsong voice paused for a moment. “But you ended it all!”

Sarah looked around bewildered. The voice seemed to come from all sides and she couldn’t figure out who it was. It sounded like Hannah, but the voice was no where near Hannah’s voice. Sarah tried to open her mouth to speak, but nothing came out.

“You will be punished!” The voice suddenly became a harsh grating noise as it cackled loudly.

A flutter of wind blew towards Sarah and she was almost knocked backwards. Suddenly, the wind harden and slapped against her. She grunted as she doubled over in pain. The chair suddenly seemed to be super glued to the ground and wouldn’t move at all.

“You will be punished!” It shrieked, sending more gusts of tortuous slaps towards her, one at a time.

Sarah fell backwards and sunk out of her dream.

The End

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