.08 Circuit: SlumsMature

It was night already when they reached the palace, which Sarah could only tell from the moonlight that bad been shining through the hole in the reservoir. They made their way up the winding pathway until they had reached the door.

The doorkeeper was not there.

Of course, that was good news for Kyle and Sarah. Kyle unlocked the door and pushed it open. the big wooden mass groaned as it opened up inwards. The palace was dim and none of the lights had been lit yet. It was creepily empty and Sarah shivered slightly. She didn’t like the silence.

Their footsteps echoed through the hall as Kyle walked towards the same steps that they had run down from the day they were chased out of this place. Sometimes, Sarah laughed at what had happened, but sometimes, she shivered and thought what a close call that had been. But not only that, she felt just as bad for Hannah, who was who knows where now. Sarah didn’t even know if there was a full body. Maybe just a head or a pile of trampled meat pulp.

Sarah cringed at that thought. Hannah better not have been turned into meat pulp. That would not be pleasant. She quickly shook the thought away, holding her slightly queasy stomach.

“You alright?” Kyle asked, noticing her sudden reaction. Sarah righted herself.

“Yeah. I’m fine.” She said with a small wave. “Was just thinking about things.”

“Uh, yeah.” Kyle raised an eyebrow but continued on.

“So...” Sarah finally said again. “What are we doing?”

“We’re finding the family tree so prove that your the queen.”

“Are you questioning me?” Sarah cried indignantly.

“Not me, but other people might. Especially since what happened with Hannah.”

“Oh.” Sarah nodded absentmindedly, trying to get rid of the image of Hannah from her brain. It still wasn’t pleasant and from time to time, she felt somewhat like a failure, since the whole point of her coming down here was to save Hannah. But that was all in the past now. She had to move on. she had other things to deal with now. Especially since Hannah was dead now.

They made their way to the library.

The somewhat familiar place greeted Sarah with only bad memories even though she had only been there once and for couple of minutes. Kyle began scrolling through the discordant rows of books, muttering to himself as he looked for the book. Sarah stood there and while at first she tried to keep her eyes open, the look of the room drove them shut. She just couldn’t deal with how everything looked anymore and neither could she just grab a book and dive into it because, well, because her reading skills weren’t all that great.

Yeah. She never learned to read that much.

Maybe she had read a novel or two when she was young, but she had forgotten most of the words that she had learned from back them, shrinking her already small vocab reagan into miniscule.

Hell yeah it sucked.

Sarah was determined to get herself reading again some day. But it seemed like that some day would not be today. She sighed and took a seat in one of the chairs, finding it surprisingly comfortable. But she couldn only focus on not falling asleep right now as she kept her eyes closed.

Why couldn’t these chairs have been harder?

She moaned inwardly, cursing at the room for its ugliness. Why did it have to look like this? Sarah wondered who had designed this room and whether there would be other rooms in the palace just like this room. She was sure she would go crazy if she had to deal with this all the time.

The only sound in the library was Kyle’s occasional footsteps as he glided across the carpeted floor searching for a book.

A couple moments later, Sarah fell asleep.

The End

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