.08 Circuit: FreelancersMature

Kayli slinked back into the headquarters annoyed. John had been such a thorn in the eye. she had always wanted to get rid of him but she could never find  way to do so. He never did anything and spent her money on useless things, but everything, no matter how ridiculous it was, always sounded like the right thing when it came out of his mouth. And that was the thing that made Kayli so annoyed.

She had no way to retort back and it seriously annoyed her.

Ralph was up already and Kayli looked at him surprised.

“Up already?” She asked with a raised eyebrow. Ralph rubbed his eyes and yawned.

“Not really.” He muttered. “But I forgot to tell you something that was really important.”


“The notebook doesn’t mention the time it takes for the robot to overheat. So I did some calculations and it turned out to be around...” He paused for a moment as he tried to think of the number. “3 hours?”


“Yup.” He nodded to himself. “Maybe there would be some way to speed the whole process up. But not really anything that I can think of.”

He rubbed his head slightly and waved at Kayli tiredly.

“That’s all.” He yawned again. “I should go back to sleep.” Kayli nodded and he wandered off to his room again.

Kayli sat down at her table with a frown. 3 hours? There was no way that anyone would be able to hold against these things for 3 hours. Looks like the founders weren’t as stupid as people might have thought. Even if someone did find this notebook and found a way to make 8 superheaters without being noticed by the domes, they would still have to find a way to survive 3 hours of these robots. But to be honest, if anyone really did succeed in doing that, there really was no reason why they shouldn’t be the king of the world.

Kayli rested her head in her hands and heaved a big sigh. She was tired. It hurt her head just to think about this all and she reached up to rub her eyes tiredly. She yawned slightly and stretched up. She should go to sleep like she had planned a few hours ago. Now it was getting close the noon of the second day and Kayli had not gotten any sleep since yesterday.

She crawled up to her room and dragged herself onto her bed. She really was tired and the moment she hit her bed, she was sound asleep.

The End

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