.08 Circuit: FreelancersMature

Kayli made her way up to the domes through a separate exit, not wanting to have to deal with what she had done earlier that day. She took a small detour to assess what had come of the situation from before and saw that while the bodies had been disposed of, there was still blood along with other things on the ground that Kayli frowned at. She shook her head as she left the scene.

There weren’t many people there thankfully, probably because the whole thing was just too disgusting. But Kayli was glad. That last thing she needed was something reporting her appearance above ground.

Kayli walked briskly to the headquarters, only a few blocks down the street. It was almost directly above the backup headquarters. But that was only a completely coincidence. Obvious, it only happened that there was a building that was abandoned right beneath other other headquarters. But it worked well now that both headquarters were much closer to each other.

Kayli looked around before she slipped into a library building. The place was grandly build, made completely of white marble. Such a library probably did not exist in New York, but it was here. Not many people usually visited the library, first off because other than the small amount of words they are required to learn in order to be able to read the manuals given to them, the amount of words the people from the domes knew was a very small number. So it would be completely ridiculous to go to a library. The whole building was built for show in the first place. So it was actually considered weird if you were caught entering to library. In fact, sometimes people would report you for doing something inappropriate, because what else would a person do in a library if they couldn’t read?

Kayli laughed inwardly sometimes at that thought, because, of course, she could read, and not only that, no one would be able to report her because no one would know who she was. But she wasn’t going to take that risk now. Who knew, maybe Jordan had posted wanted signs all over the domes saying that there may be a reward if you see this person.

Not that Jordan ever had a picture of her or anything.

The inside of the building was just as grand as the outside. It’s tall ceiling stretched over the everyone’s head and echoed footsteps as Kayli walked through the lobby. It’s walls were decorated with plenty of European paintings that were definitely looted from other domes. The entire room spacious and bright, completely different from the compactness of the one down below. But then, there was nothing you could do about that. It was just how the society worked.

But that was also the reason why the main headquarters were always required to be down below, because if you live in some place as extravagant as this, there no knowing how corrupt you were. So that was no surprise.

“Excuse me Miss, have found the wrong place?” A secretary walked up, dressed up as a librarian, holding a few books. Kayli shook her head with a small smile. This was a routine. If anyone from the domes mighty wander in, there would always be a “librarian” to guide them out.

“I’d like to see Jonathan.”

The secretary set her books down with a nod.

“Shall I send him a message as well?”

“Tell him that Kayli wishes to see him.”

“One moment please.” The secretary turned and left.

Kayli looked around. It was a deeply exquisite place. There were galleries of artwork, pottery, anything that you might find anywhere. It was all here in the lobby. Yet it was arranged so well that there was no cluttered feel to it at all. Kayli traced a finger around the edge of a vase, feeling the smoothness of the glaze when a voice cut out from behind.

“Careful. That thing was worth a couple thousand.”

Kayli jerked up and twirled around to face a middle aged Italian with sharp bright eyes that dart caringly towards the vase as if he would rather save the vase if it fell than help Kayli with something.

“Hello John.” She said with a frown. “I’m glad to see that you’re spending all the money I’m giving you on things I didn’t allow you to buy.”

“It’s was for the good of the people. You told me to find a way to get people more focused. This is my way of doing it.”

“Huh.” Kayli picked up a golden teacup that sat nearby and played around with it. “And tell me, how does this focus anyone? I would think that this is rather distracting.”

“No no no.” He said with a big shake of his head. “If they get something done, then I give something to them. It is a perfect situation.”

“And does it work?”

“Of course!” He chuckled. “We’ve gotten so much more work done.”

Kayli raised and eyebrow.

“Like what?”

“Like...” He trailed off. “A lot of work I tell you. I will show you another day, but not now. They’re still working and none of them like to be distracted.”

“Yeah.” Kayli laughed sarcastically. “Anyways.” She cleared and throat and looked up at John. “Is there any way you might be able to make 8 superheaters of these dimensions?”

She took at the photocopy of the notebook page handed it to John. The Italian grabbed it and looked it over.

“Sure” He said with a grin. “As long as you supply everything.”

“I don’t have any of the materials.” Kayli said with a frown.

“Oh no! I don’t mean that.” He said with a quick shake of his head. “I was saying some extra funding. You know...” He rubbed his fingers together and gave her a small wink.

Kayli sighed.

“Yes yes, I will send you more money under the circumstance that you use it for the superheaters and only for the superheaters.”

“Of course!” He nodded as he rubbed his hands together. Kayli gave him a skeptical glance.


“Yes! I swear!”

“Alright then.” Kayli nodded slightly. “You have 15 days to finish them and send them to me.”

“What?” John froze up. “15 days? You can’t be serious right? It takes 5 days just to make one, not to mention 8!”

“Get more people to work on them then. I need these superheaters by the end of next week, you hear me? If not, I’ll be moving all of the payments all of these vases onto your personal account.”


“You what?”

“Nothing.” He muttered.

“There get to it.” Kayli took out a wad of bills. “Here some money for you to start off with.”

John took the money and counted it.

“Only this much?”

“I only brought this much. Do you want it or not?” Kayli stuck out a hand.

“Of course I want it!” He said, shrinking he hand backwards. Kayli sighed.

“That’s all for now.” She said with a small wave. “I’ll be back in a couple of days to check on how things are going.”

John nodded and Kayli turned to leave the headquarters.

The End

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