.08 Circuit: SlumsMature

Sarah stopped in front of the door and paused, wondering if Kyle was still mad at her. She wavered at the doorway for a moment,but when she started getting uncomfortable stares from people, she lifted her hand and knocked on the door.

“Come in.” A muffled voice beckoned from behind the door. Sarah twisted the door knob and entered the room gingerly. She saw Kyle sitting where he had been sitting the first time she had met him. He looked up and saw her.

“You’re back.” He said, his face frozen into an expressionless mask. “I can’t tell if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.”

“I’m willing to be queen.” Sarah said, ignoring Kyle’s comment. She knew that she had been wrong. He had all the right to insult her. Kyle laughed.

“For real? Or is this just another joke to drag me into another one of your problems?”

Sarah frowned. Yes, what she did wasn’t right, but she felt that Kyle was pushing it a little too far.

“If you don’t want to help me, then I’m leaving.” Sarah replied curtly. Kyle rolled his eyes.

“Here we go again.” He got up from his desk and and stepped across the room, staring out at a window. “Are you 100% sure that you won’t be changing your mind again?”

Sarah nodded.

“100%?” Kyle asked again.

“Yes!” Sarah felt exasperated. “How many times do I have to tell you? Yes, I was wrong and selfish a few moments ago, but I’ve figured it out. If you keep on questioning me like that then I’m going to leave.”

“Alright then.” Kyle sat down once more. “You’re free to go.”

“You-” Sarah sputtered, now sure what to say.

“So what if I keep on questioning you? That’s not 100% is it then?”

“I-” Sarah frowned. That was true. She hadn’t noticed that until now, but still, it made her angry the Kyle was being such a smartass. “If you’re going to act like a jerk then I will leave.”

Kyle sighed and got up.

“That was what I waiting for.” He walked over to the door. “Let’s go.”

“Wait, what?” Sarah stared at him for a moment, confused at what he was doing.

“Don’t you want to be queen?”

“Didn’t you not want to help me a few seconds ago?”

“I was just making sure you weren’t just going to drop out again.”

“Oh.” Sarah muttered, blushing slightly. Kyle opened the door.

“Come one, we need to make a trip to the castle.”

Sarah nodded, following him out.

The End

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