.08 Circuit: FreelancersMature

The moment Kayli entered the room, Ralph caming banging into the headquarters.

“Miss Rose!” He shouted breathlessly. “I finished it!”

He had a folder in his hand that he waved back and forth proudly. Kayli smiled and took the folder.

“What took you so long?” She teased.

“It was written in 37 different languages!” Ralph protested defensively, “And some of the words existed in a lot of languages but meant different things. It was hard! I haven’t slept in a while.”

Kayli glanced at him and noticed that he really did look tired. There were obvious bags beneath his eyes and he had gotten much thinner. Kayli smiled.

“Well, as a reward, you can go sleep.”

Ralph gave a quick salute.

“Will do!” And then he ran down the hall to his room. A few seconds later, she could hear the steady sound of snoring coming from the room already.

Kayli chuckled slightly as she sat down at a table to look at the folder. It was rather thin, but then the notebook had not been that thick either. She opened it, revealing the pages of the notebook photocopied neatly and translated.

She spent the entire rest of the day and night reading through the notes. Eventually, she leaned back from the chair, rubbed her temples and closed the folder. She had gotten the gist of what was suppose to happen.

The I-741 had one small vent hidden on bottom left area of its chest. It’s hidden really well and only when it leans back can you see it. The shorter must be placed there.

It must the around the size of the vent hole that that it can be wedged into there. Basically, the shorter will block the vent hole until enough heat gathers up inside the robot. Now of course, there are other places that the heat can escape so there is no way to heat the robot to death, but they only start up when the vent is blocked and the temperature of the robots are high enough. So, at this moment, before the other vents open up, if you activate the shorter (which Kayli found out was just a simple superheater) then the heat would set off the robots and in short, they’d all self destruct.

The hard part was making 8 superheaters with the exact dimensions of the circular vent.

All the numbers were here on the notebook, but where were they going to get the supplies to make these superheaters? And how are they going to do this without anyone else finding out? The slums not so bad since they would like those robots gone, but what if it got leaked out to the domes? Jordan would do whatever he could to stop them. She knew that it wouldn’t be below him to collapse a couple domes in order to crush the slums below them.

So she had to hurry up and use the time that she had before Jordan began charging up to robots. If he started today, she would have 21 days before the robots would become fully charged. Just as she was about to leave the room, a messenger ran frantically towards her. He almost ran into her and stopped quickly with a small apology.

“I’m sorry Miss Rose.” He panted. “But there’s news that the domes are starting to charge the Robots!”

“What?” Kayli paled. So she had been right. Jordan really was going to charge the robots “Since when?”

“Since this afternoon.”

“Alright. Thank you.” Kayli nodded and waved him off.

“But what are we going to do?” The messenger was obviously in a distress state.

“Don’t worry.” She said. “I have a plan.”

The messenger nodded warily and left, not quite sure in Kayli’s confidence. Kayli sighed. After that incident with Jordan, she wasn’t willing to tell anyone anything that had to be kept secret anymore. She just wasn’t sure she could trust anyone anymore. It was a shame, but it was the sad truth. Kayli sighed. She was short on time so she had to do this.

Kayli grabbed a sheet of paper and copied down what she needed and ran out of the headquarters with Sarah long forgotten. She would need to stop by the overland headquarters.

The End

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