.07 Plans: FreelancersMature

Kyle and Sarah ran back through the hole. They go lost through the streets of New York and took a slightly detour before they found the hole once again. They both gave the fake sky a glance once more before they jumped back into the dark hellhole.

They ran down the tunnel in the dark without any light only stopping at one time when Kyle said that his shoe got stuck in a pile of mud. They had to go back and crawl around the dark to find his shoe. They left the place with their hands covered in mud. The mud smell suspiciously different and they didn’t quite know what to do about it.

They ran down the street back to the freelancer headquarters where they rushed to a sink in the kitchen located in the backroom. the wash the mud off. And Sarah gasped in horror as she stared at the blood colored mud. They had stepped into a pool of blood.

“Where did this come from?” She asked breathily, surprise and disgusted.

She didn’t remember there being blood on the first time they ran through the tunnel. The smell so strong and Sarah wrinkled her nose. Kyle shook his head in confusion as well.

“Unless something happened to Kayli. But then there would should be a trail of blood at least. Also, that pool of blood was huge. No one would be able bleed that much and still crawl out alive. There should be a body, but then there isn’t.” Kyle stopped. “Unless the body got dragged out by another person. But who would to that?”

Sarah starting feeling anxious. What if something did happen to Kayli? She would feel so horrible, not to mention that the freelancers might not forgive her for that. She was about to say something again when Kyle shushed her.

He pointed at the wall and press his ears against it.

“That’s not good is it?” She whispered, “We shouldn’t be eavesdropping on them.”

Kyle shook his head and pulled her towards the wall.

“Just listen.” He muttered. Across the walls, the barest hints of muffled voices traveled through the room. There seemed to be the sound of someone in great distress. The voice sounded feminine.

“I found him...” It trailed off. “And the room was so dark and I couldn’t see anything. But he admitted that he was who he was. I promised them I was get rid of him and so I did. But I didn’t know that he was who he was!”

“Don’t worry, they won’t blame you.” A soothing voice cooed softly.

“You don’t understand!” She suddenly shouted. “Richard is her brother! He is her fucking brother! And I just killed him and cut his body into pieces so that they wouldn’t run over his body. Do you think they’ll forg-” The voice cut off short at the sound of the door slamming open.

Sarah stepped out from the back room and looked up to see Kayli.

“You...” She had nothing to say. Her blood was boiling and she had no idea how to react. She felt so tired now. For a moment, she had a brother and the next moment he was dead, killed by her own request. Kayli looked surprised and then paled.

“I’m so sorry...” She muttered, shaking her head, “I’m so so sorry.”

Sarah waved her off.

“No.” She muttered. “It’s not your fault.”

Sarah sank down into a chair. She rested in her head tiredly in her hands and closed her eyes. She had been wrong the whole time.

Sarah wondered where Hannah was now and what she might do. Hannah couldn’t stay. Now that Richard was gone, who knew what kind of destruction she would come up with? She was about the say something, but Kayli seemed to read the expression on her face.

“Hannah is dead.” She said. “She was trampled by the crowd.”

Sarah’s eyes bulged. Yes, she wanted to get rid of Hannah, but not in that way. Hannah was dead. Richard was dead. That was all that she wanted to do. Now, it was time to draw herself out from this mess. Sarah had enough of this.

She got up from the chair and gave Kayli a solemn nod.

“Thank you.” Then she turned and left.

Kyle glanced over at Kayli with a raised eyebrow and a nodded. Then he followed Sarah out.

Kayli slammed her fist into the table. She couldn’t believe what had happened. She had destroyed all of her chances in that one move. She had lost an ally and a large mass of her friends. She might even fail to create the third world. She was upset. She felt so stupid now and she really wanted to slap herself.

But it was all too late now. Kayli sighed as she got up from her chair. All she really now was rest and clear her mind. And that was what Kayli was going to do.

The End

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