.07 Plans: SlumsMature

Hannah stood in her spot for a long time. She didn’t move at all. Richard told her not to move so she didn’t move. Her feet began to hurt and it was uncomfortable. She was standing right at the entrance of the narrow alleyway and people began pushing her around to get out and in. She was getting bruises all over her already and it hurt. Not everyone knew that she was the queen and so not everyone tried to avoid her. Someone even spat at her called her a bitch.

She wasn’t quite sure what that word meant, but from the sharp pain she felt from that word, she had a feeling that it wasn’t a good word.

Tears began rolled down her cheeks from the pain that shot up from her feet. She had never stood for longer than 10 minutes at a time before. She never realized that standing still was such a painful thing to do. She could walk a while, but just staying still. It was plain torture.

She finally couldn’t stand anymore and at the shove of another person, she slumped down to the ground. But that was the worst decision that Hannah made and it proved to be fatal.

On the ground, no one could see her anymore. People were running out from the alleyway in a frantic frenzy and no one wanted to stop and see what was actually on the ground before. Hannah, before she realized it was immediately trampled upon. She tried to shout out and climb back up, but there were too many feet stepping over her to allow for her to do anything. The poor girl was trampled to death.

And hence ended the tragic life of Hannah.

The End

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