.07 Plans: DomesMature

Jordan was pissed. This boy was screwing with his operation. Everything had been perfect and then suddenly, they come and mess everything up. Kayli had gotten away now and the point of this was gone. But it wouldn’t be bad to capture these two in front of him. Maybe he could hold them as fugitives and get Kayli to come out from hiding.

He grinned slightly. Of course, that was until the boy threw the gun into the crowd. He hadn’t realized that the boy knew how to read. He had a bad feeling the moment the boy threw the gun into the crowd, but he couldn’t figure out what it was until it had been too late. He lost five more men and thirteen were injured in a mission that was suppose to be completely straightforward. Yes, Jordan was calculating, but not that calculating. After the explosion, no traces of either person were seen. One of the men cried for a chase, but Jordan grit his teeth and shook his head. Those two were too unpredictable. He wasn’t willing to lose anymore men on them. Not when they don’t have top priority.

Jordan waved them back.

“Time to head back!” He shouted. The crowd once created by the slummers had basically dispersed and there was nothing else to do. There were bodies of dead slummers on the ground and Jordan was sure that he was going to have to quarantine this dome for a while to settle things down. And if things didn’t settle. Well, he would have to shut it down.

Jordan gave the dark scene one last glance before he headed back.

The End

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