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Kayli wiped her hands on her jacket and bent down to pick up Richard’s still smouldering torch. She blew it back up to life and bent down to Richard’s dead body. She brushed the hood of the face and suddenly, she gasped. She almost dropped the torch as she covered her mouth.

She recognized the face.

It was the same child that she had seen running down the street alone, crying and being chased by people. He had obviously been stealing something.

His white hair was still as prominent. His eyes now a dim limp purple. Shock was contorted on his face. Kayli stood and took in a deep breath.

This, was Sarah’s younger brother.

He was a brother that Sarah never knew about. Her mother had gotten pregnant a year after she left Sarah in the domes. Then, she died when Richard turned three. After that, he had lived his life alone, trying to survive and get back to the domes to find the sister that his mother had talked about. He loved the sun. His mother had told him plenty of stories of the sun and his dream in life, was to see the sun, even if it was only for one minute or one second, it would be enough for him.

But now he was dead. As dead as a rock and he hadn’t even seen the fake sun on the domes. He was dead. Killed by the friend of his sister and Kayli felt awful. She knew that Kyle and Sarah would be coming back soon. She had to hide the body. Who knew what would happen if Sarah found out that Richard was actually her brother?

Kayli looked around, but this tunnel was too smooth to hide anything. They were almost halfway through the tunnel and she knew that there would be no way she would be able to drag the body back through the tunnel without being caught. There was only one way.

She bit down on her cheek as she bent down and took one last glance as the body. She tighened her grip on her knife and plunged it back down at the body, this time at the face. She had to mangle the face first so that no one would be able to tell.

She proceeded with the rest of the body, cutting him apart piece by piece. It was disgusting and tears were streaming down her cheeks now. She didn’t want to do this and she felt horrible, but she had to. For the future of her people, she had to cut this body apart. Blood was spurting all over the place, and Kayli was already soaked in the red liquid, but she continued on until she had cut apart every single peice of the body. She scattered them into nooks and crannies of the tunnel. Anywhere that she might be able to hide a peice of something.

Kayli scattered fresh dirt across the pool of blood and hoped that the smell of fresh earth would overcome the smell blood and death. Kayli sprinkled some dirt on herself so that she would just look really dirty instead of bloody. She looked around and made sure that everything was intact before she ran off again, sprinting towards the exit of the tunnel. She had to get back soon and quick. It would be best if she could get back to the headquarters before as well so that she could get new clothes as well.

Kayli’s legs were beginning to burn, but she couldn’t slow down. Not yet. If people looked at her, they would see a mud person running down the street.

Kayli collapsed into the headquarters, pushing herself the last bit that she could to reach her room. Thankfully most of the people were out to see the commotion, so no one saw her in this state. Kayli quickly changed her clothes and rinsed herself before she took a casual step outside.

She sighed with relief, as if a burden had been lifted from her shoulders.

The End

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