.07 Plans: SlumsMature

“What?” Kyle stared up at the messenger. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“I-” The messenger stuttered wordlessly. Kyle ignored him and ran out of the room. He grabbed Sarah by surprise and dragged her out of the building.

“Where are we going?” Sarah shouted as they ran down the street.

“We’ve got to save Kayli.”

“What happened to her?”

“Something about a revolt. Let’s say someone was not being the smartest person alive.”

“Huh?” Sarah was confused.. “What do you mean?”

“She, oh nevermind, you’ll find out.”

They sprinted through the streets and reached the crowd which was now frozen in chaos. There People were leaving, people were coming. But mostly though, they were just confused. No one have any idea what was going on.

Sarah saw Hannah standing stupidly on the platform along with someone else.

“Hannah!” She shouted, pointed at her. Kyle looked up and saw her.

“Shush!” He whispered. “Do you want to draw everyone’s attention to you?”

“Oh sorry.” Sarah muttered. Kyle looked up and scanned the platform. Sure as Sarah had said, there was Hannah and the mysterious person.

The mysterious person looked rather disturbed. They couldn’t exactly see his face, but they could tell from the thin line presumed to be him mouth that something wrong and he wasn't’ happy about it.

The person jumped down from the platform and began weaving through the crowd along with Hannah. Kyle frowned and began chasing after them. Sarah caught up behind him.

For a moment, Kyle thought that he had missed them, but the top of a hood showed up and his eyes darted straight towards it. He ran forward again and weaved through the crowd, pushing people aside as he went. He was almost there when the mysterious man seemed to have noticed that he was being followed and he suddenly took a sharp turn left.

Kyle cursed as he tried to find him again, losing sight of where he had went. A few moments later, he reappear at the entrance of the alleyway, sneaking in. He was going into the tunnel.

“Dammit.” Kyle cursed. They wouldn’t be able to go through the tunnel now. Not without drawing the attention to too many people and catching up to them. They would have to go another way. As kyle was looking around, he saw the freelancer messenger wandering around.

“Hey, you!” He shouted, waving him over. He jogged over.


“You do know any other entrances that lead up to the dome?”

The messenger thought for a moment and then he nodded.

“There is one nearby, but we’ll have to hurry.”

Kyle nodded.

“Lets go then.”

They began running in the opposite direction. They went down the street and sprinted through a couple twists and turns. There weren’t too many other people and so their didn’t attract too much attention from passersbys.

The messenger stopped abruptly in front of a wall.

“Here.” He said, panting slightly from the run.

He pushed against a brick which slid in with a harsh grating sound. A few moments later, the wall rolled down into the ground, revealing a much more spacious passage. The messenger unhooked a torch from of the street stands and handed it to them.

“Just keep on going. Good luck.”

Kyle gave him a nod and the messenger ran off. They stepped in and began climbing through the tunnel. It was a long ways to go, but they moved forward as a decently fast pace and a few minutes later, they reached the top. They bursted out from the hole, into a dim alleyway. The hole was hidden by a couple of crates.

Kyle scrambled out of the hole and pulled Sarah out along with him. They could hear the commotion already and Kyle was sure that it wasn’t a good sign.

“Hurry.” He shouted, dragging her out from the hole.

The hole was conveniently located right next to a weapon shop and they strolled in and grabbed a couple guns just casually. The shop owners, having lived in the domes all their lives, didn’t know what to do with thieves and could only watch as Kyle and Sarah ran away with their guns.

They ran through the streets, realizing that many people were running in the opposite direction. It must be people running from the scene. Kyle knew that they were going to right way now and he picked up the pace until they saw a huge barricade of people. They looking on a hue barricade of men, who all had their backs to them.

Behind the barricade, Kyle caught sight of a familiar figure.

Kayli was in a bad position, caught between two men who were trying to catch her. She had nothing but a short knife to defend herself, which was no use in dodging bullets.

“Do you know how to use this thing?” He asked, hoping that he wouldn’t have to teach Sarah how use a gun.

Sarah half nodded.

“Kind of.”

“What do you mean kind of? Either yes or no! There is no in between!”


“Ok good.”

Kyle ran forward and fired two shots at the men there were surrounding Kayli, one missed them, the other hit one of them in the arm. Kyle was pissed, but that was enough for Kayli to get away from them.

Kyle tried to fire another shot before they all turned to him, but the gun jammed. Kyle cursed and threw the thing on the ground.

“Damn you.” He shouted at the gun and drew out a long dagger from within his boot and ran towards the barricade of men. He stabbed one of them in the back before they could react and grabbed him as a human shield. If they tried to shoot him, they would have to shoot their own comrade first.

He dragged the man with him as he pushed through the crowd. He saw a younger more handsome one glare at him.

That must be the leader.

“What are you guys doing!” He shouted. “Shoot him! We can’t let him just get away like that!”

People began aiming their guns as him and Kyle cursed. Obviously his human shield wasn’t going to work. He threw the guy aside, making sure to break his neck first so that he wouldn’t try to kill him later. Kyle lunged forward at the nearest man and sunk his knife into the man’s chest. There was still a look of surprise on his face, finding is unbelievable that he was just killed instantly by someone half his age.

The men’s guns weren’t any use as close range and most of them threw the guns away and drew out their own swords. Kyle dodged a swipe and rolled forward, knocking the last of the men away, revealing a tired Kayli in front of him.

“Hey.” Kayli said with a wave. “You’re here.”

“Yeah. To get you out of here.”

Kyle clambered up from the ground and they stood back to back.

“Got a plan?”

“Nope, not really.”

He looked around as people began circling him, realizing that he really didn’t have a plan. Getting in was easy. He had the element of surprise. They wouldn’t think that someone his age would be able to kill that fast that easily, but now that they knew, it wouldn’t be easy.

Suddenly there was a gunshot and a man in the crowd fell. There was small bit of commotion as they tried to figure out who it was. A moment later, there was a shout.

“You were right Kyle! These guns do really suck!”

Kyle’s eyes lit up. Sarah. She was still out there. But then he realized, what would she be able to do? Nothing really.

Suddenly there was another gun shot.

“Hey!” It was Sarah again. “This one’s better.”

Kyle frowned, what was she talking about? Then it hit him. She must have picked up the gun of the man that he had stolen to be his human shield. Kyle wanted to slap himself. Why didn’t he think of that earlier? But it was too late to say these things now.

Sarah’s few gunshots had cause enough distraction for Kyle and Kayli to rush forward. Kyle pushed a men forward and elbowed another out of his way. They lunged forward and rolled out of the crowd of men.

“Now go!” Kyle shouted, pushing Kayli forward. “We’ll stop them for a while.”

Kayli nodded and shook his hand in thanks and she ran off. Kyle sighed and turned around with Sarah.

“Give me that gun.”

“Ok.” Sarah said with a shrug, tossing it to him. He looked up at the men who were still running towards him.

“Stop!” He suddenly shouted, as finger sneakily slid onto one of the buttons. The men stopped for a moment. “What are you chasing me for? I didn’t do anything!”

The men stared at him slightly confused, wondering what the fuck he was doing. Suddenly Kyle smiled.

“You know, I know about a secret too.” He said with a wink. The men were even more confused. Kyle gave them a cheerful wave. “I hope you have a nice day.”

Then he chucked the gun as them and dragged Sarah backwards. A couple moments later, there was an explosion.

Kyle shook his head mockingly.

“That’s what happens when you forget that the button on your gun are labeled.”

Then he turned and ran off back towards the hole.

The End

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