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“Where are the people?” Kayli shouted. A revolt? This was crazy. She knew the something was going to happen. And now, it was too late. She grabbed her stuff rushed out. “Get people to come. We need to stop then. Now.”

Kayli flew out of the room and ran down the street towards Garwin Junction. She had to stop this. Who knew that Richard was moving this fast? And now Kayli was wondering how much of thi was Richards doing and how much of it was Hannah’s doing.

She stopped in shock as she watched the biggest crowd swarm towards the alleyway. If she was stupid, she might have thought that it was someone who was trying to destroy the people of the slums.

Kayli pushed through the crowd and tried to get the end of the swarm. She had to get to the alleyway as soon as possible. Only then would she be able to stop the crowd. She wasn’t quite sure how she was going to do it, but she was and she had to do it. She had to stop this from happening. But she couldn’t die trying.

People cursed at her as she barge through, knocking people over. The alleyway was terribly narrow and usually no one ever travelled down it. It wa s secret entrance founded by the freelancers. How richard knew about it was mystery to her and she was worried. Was there a spy in their headquarters? Was there someone else that she couldn’t trust. Not another one of those disappointing games right? She would have to be careful. If this Richard found out that she was going to get rid of him, who knew what would happen? It would be a result that she would have rather not gotten herself into.

Kayli finally pushed herself to the entrance of the alleyway. She blocked the entrance slightly and began plowing towards the entrance. She knew about the entrance and she knew that it was only wide enough for one person would get through. It proceeded to be a really long and dark tunnel that winded up to the entrance of a certain dome that had been secretly protected by the freelancers.

Certain domes were protected by the freelancers only because they were common travel points fo the freelancers and it was no point of risking people’s lives in large quantities. Kayli saw the entrance in sight and pushed herself to the edge of the entrance. She was slightly tired from all of the pushing but she pushed herself in front of the exit.

“Yo! What are you doing?”

Sweat trickled down Kayli’s neck as she blocked the entrance.

“It’s a trap.” She said. “Don’t go in.”

“Why should we believe you?”

“Do you want to risk your lives? Or do you want to believe in me?”

“We-” The man stuttered for a moment. Of course, who wanted to risk their lives it was all a lie? But the people behind him still hadn’t gotten the memo yet and the sudden stop of the flow surprised them. There were shouts from the back wondering what was happening and why everyone was stopping.

The man hardened his gaze.

“No, we have to get through. We have the numbers. We can get through.”

Kayli shook her head.

“It’s only death on the other side.”

“Get out of the way girl or else don’t say I didn’t warned you!”

Kayli sighed resignedly and got up from in front of the doorway. While she needed to stop the crowd, she wanted to stop the people but she wasn’t going to risk her life. Not when she had so many other things on her shoulders to bear. There was no one else to give the jobs to and who else was going to work with Kyle and Hannah.

She watched at the people ran into the hole with a frown. She still couldn’t just let them die like this. A plan began formulating in her mind, and her eyes lit up. She jumped into the hole as well and began clambering through the hole. The tunnel smelled of sweat and crack and the follow of people was terribly slow. The air in it was terribly disgusting and Kayli didn’t know how the people in there were breathing and not fainting from the lack of air.

She had gone through the passage plenty of times, but never had it been so crowded before. It never smelled like this before either. It usually was the smell of musty unuse that reverberated through the cool halls of the tunnel. Now it was all gone, replaced by the terrible smells of people rushing through with hater radiating off of them.

Kayli urged them forward with a plan. She could block them from the other side. She could convince them there once they found out how stupid of a plan this was. How suicidal it was and how much likely that would just all die. Kayli knew about the people of the slums. They were selfish cowardly people and were terribly easy to manipulate. She had no idea how Richard gathered the impetus to create such a force of people, but he could create it, then she could stop it.

Kayli could tell she was nearing the exit from the drafts of air that blew through the tunnel. It was a like a sigh of relief of her, feeling that if she had to stay in this stuffy place just a moment longer, she might actually strangle herself from the lack of air. The crowd surge forward and Kayli bursted out into the dome.

Kayli blinked for a moment, waiting for her eyes to adjust to the light. When she could finally see again, she was met by a scene of chaos.

There were people everywhere swarming the dome. It was almost like down below, except that now there was light and people weren’t entering a hole, they were exiting from a hole.

It was a New York dome.

Kayli pushed through the crowd in an even more frenzied daze than before, trying to get to the edge and stop them as soon as possible.

“Stop!” She shouted. “Come back! Stop!”

The crowd paused for a moment to stare back at her and that was all the time that she needed. She bursted out of the crowd and blocked their way forward. She brandished a knife that she had just pulled out and gave them all a threatening stare.

“Go back. This is all a trap.”

There was noise from throughout the crowd.

“How do you know?”

Kayli opened her mouth to answer, but she was interrupted by more shouts.

“She’s accusing the queen of lying!”

“The queen never lies!”


“She’s the liar!”

Shouts rang throughout the street and people began swarming towards her. Kayli backed up frantically.

“No, stop! Listen to me!” She shouted. “The queen wasn’t lying. She was just tricked as well!”

Only some of the crowd heard her but that wasn’t enough to stop the sudden onslaught of people. They ran towards her until suddenly, they all stopped and stared. A cold voice rang out behind her.

“Looks like someone’s trying to save the day.”

The voice sounded strangely familiar and suddenly, Kayli realized who it was. She whirled around and faced Jordan who was standing behind her with a mass of armed troops.

“Jordan...” Kayli hissed, glaring at him. Jordan laughed.

“Look at that! She knows my name. What a surprise.”

“Jordan, since when did you get here?”

“I just got here.” He said, with a sideways glance. “Do you think I would wait on you? I have a job to do.”

“What job?” Kayli suddenly sneered.

“Oh, you know.” Jordan gave a small wave of his hand. “Extermination. Something like that.”

He flashed her a smile, but the people behind her paled, realizing that they really had been tricked. That their queen had been tricked. And so they began swarming backwards.

The people began running backwards, but the people in the back, not yet learning of the sudden change of plan, were still swarming forward. All of a sudden, there was a huge wall that formed as people began running into each other. People were trampled and no one could get back because of the smallness of the tunnel.

It was a trap. A complete trap.

Kayli wanted to charge at Jordan. She wanted to throw herself at him and tear him to pieces. She hated him. Hated how cooly he acted, how he could killed everyone with the simple wave of his hand and yet, Kayli, was completely powerless.

“Satisfy yourselves, men!” Jordan said with a wave. “And make sure to capture her.”

He pointed directly at Kayli and gave her a smile.

“We have some things to settle with each other.”

The End

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