.07 Plans: DomesMature

Jordan threw the revolt three days ago. He was met with little resistance. He father died under his glaring stare without realizing, even on his deathbed, that he had been tricked by his son the whole time. It was a complete game and he lost terribly, trading in his life for this game.

The takeover was simple and straightforward. No one disagreed. No one wanted Jordan to stop. To be honest, Jordan had been planning for this for years. It really wasn’t a surprise how easy it was, thought to be honest, he had not thought that it would that easy. He smiled as he sat in his father's old chair.

Being Boss really did feel different.

Jordan leaned back into the chair with a sigh and planned what he would do next. Destroy the freelancers and get rid of the slums along with them. It would be a perfect plan.

There was a frantic knock on the door and Jordan looked up confused. Who would be so frantic at this time of day?

“Come on.” He said, opening the door. A scout stepped in bewildered.

“There’s a revolt!”

The End

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