.07 Plans: SlumsMature

After a week of speeches, Richard could tell that Hannah was getting sick of the routine. There wasn’t much left for her to see in the slums without breaking her illusion that this place was a great place. Anyways, they had most of the biggest areas so they were basically done. There wasn’t much else to do and Richard felt that it was time to start the revolt.

He called a gathering at the Garwin Junction once again and the whole place was so crowded, they almost couldn’t get in. Richard had to push a pathway open for them to get in.

Once they reached the platform. Richard hopped up. Hannah followed behind him, but she would only be a side figure in this. They had planned it out already. Richard would do most of the talking on behalf of the queen and Hannah was nod alongside him.

It sounded like a simple enough plan.

“People of the slums!” Richard boomed. “We are gathered here as a whole. We are here as a unit. And we are here to take over what is rightfully ours!”

Cheers rocked the junction and it took minutes for the whole things to calm down.

“The day has come that we take back our land. And it will be a victory!” Richard waved towards an alleyway down the street. “There is an exit down that alleyway. We will leave from there and overcome the domes. We will create defeat!”

Cheers rang throughout the junction and people began swarming towards the alley. There was a dim smile on Richard’s face as he watched the people move forward. He was just a step closer. Just one step closer to gaining the sun. To rightfully taking part of it.

The End

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