.06 Rebellion: Domes (Jordan)Mature

Jordan stepped back into his room and sat down. He felt like a mess. His father was obviously getting in his way. But Jordan couldn’t just let him do that. At the same time, Jordan had nothing else he could do. He had to get rid of his father somehow. He knew that negotiating wasn't an option. So he only had retirement and extermination. Jordan was leaning towards extermination.

He got up and strolled out of his room, calling up Varian to meet him by the lobby. A couple minutes later, Varian showed up at the hall. Jordan gave him a small wave and he came over.

“What is it?”

Jordan shook his head.

“Somewhere else.”

Varian followed Jordan back to his room.

Jordan could have just called Varian to his room. But he wanted to flaunt it to his father. He wanted to make a point him. He knew that his father was probably watching him from the cameras right now. Jordan was determined show him that he could do whatever he wanted and his father would be able to do nothing about it.

After the door slid closed, Jordan went straight to business.

“My father needs to be exterminated.”

Varian raised an eyebrow.

“So soon?” He asked with surprise. “I didn’t realize it was that bad.”

“Nah. He’s ruining a chance that I’m willing to do anything to get hold of.”


Jordan nodded. There was a pause.

“Let’s keep the death simple. Maybe something like poison in his water or something.”

“Your don’t seem like the simple type...” Varian stared at him.

“This is urgent. I don’t have the time to just come up with another seamless death plan. That last one was hard enough.”

Yes. Garth’s death was completely planned to every last detail. Even where the slummers would drop their bombs. Of course, they weren’t real slummers. They were just men that preferred Jordan over Garth just a tad bit too much. And well, well they agreed to do this.

Of course, he could have just made everything a natural death. But then it wouldn’t have played out that well and there was one thing that Jordan couldn’t stand when killing someone and it was improvisation.

The human brain has its limits and Jordan was sure that not one person would be able to think up of all of scenarios that might happen and if you screwed up even a little, then the whole was marked as a fail. And that, was what he hated the most.

“Alright. I’ll make sure to poison his tea then.”

Jordan nodded. There seemed to be something else that he wanted to say. Varian waited for a moment.

“Well, if there’s nothing else, I should be heading off then.”

“Wait.” Jordan suddenly said. “There’s something else.”

“What?” Varian asked, somewhat surprised.

“We’re going to have to take down the building.”

“You mean...”

“Yes, that’s what I mean.”

Varian nodded with a frown.

“But isn’t that a little... risky?”

“Well, we’ll have to take the risk then.”

Varian smiled and left the room. Jordan smiled as well. This was the biggest game of deceit he’s played so far.

The End

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