.06 Rebellion: FreelancersMature

“I found them!” The door flew open and Ralph ran in panting.

Kayli looked up surprised.


“At, at the platform at Gerwin Junction.”

“What were they doing there?” Kayli asked with a frown.

“She was making some speech about destroying the domes.”

Kayli froze. They were trying to too? A dark cloud hovered over her face as she realized that now she had to choose. She could continue helping Kyle and Sarah or she could stop and using Hannah. but then... She wasn’t sure of Kyle and Sarah were going to go against the domes, but she was sure they wouldn’t turn against her. But Hannah was completely out of her reach and there was no saying what they would do after they destroyed the domes. Would they go after the freelancers as well?

But no only so, Kayli was sure that Hannah and Richard would fail, that it would just be a suicide attempt and she knew that because she knew about the robot. But not everyone knew about it and that would prove to be fatal. The only way to defeat the domes, was to unite forces. That was one thing for sure.

Now that she had everything thought out, the cloud drifted away from her and she looked up at Ralph.

“Did you see Richard?”

Ralph shook his head.

“There was a man who claimed to be her subject, but he had a hood on the whole time. Also, he didn’t mention his name of the queen’s, so who knows if it was actually them.”

“Oh, it’s definitely them. No one would ever think to fake the queen.”

“There’s a fake one right now.”

“Oh thats different.” She waved the comment off and got up. She grabbed the notebook lying on her table. “You know this book?”

Ralph nodded.

“Of course. I told you about this book.”

“Can you read it?”

Ralph shook his head.

“Only a little.”

“What about this?” She flipped the book over, showing the back cover. Ralph walked over to looked at it. He read the words in alarm.

“I- I don’t know. They were weren’t there when I read the book at first. At least I don’t think they were. I mean, I- I didn’t really notice the back cover or anything.”

“And this?” Kayli promptly flipped open the book to the torn page showing the scrawled words.

Ralph looked at it and frowned.

“This definitely wasn’t here before.” He grabbed the book and looked at the page. “See, the stuff that was here before was erased.”

Kayli inspected it closely and suddenly, she noticed the slightest bits of pencil marks on the page. Kayli nodded.

“I think it might be a riddle. What do you think?” She paused to ask.

“Most definitely.” He said, nodding. “But what happened to the other half?”

“Nothing.” Kayli snapped, still upset that the second half of the poem wasn’t here. “Do you recognize the handwriting?”

Ralph took a close look at it and shook his head.

“Nothing like I’ve ever seen. Do you want me to do a full on analysis?”

“Oh, uh, no thank you Ralph.” Kayli shook her head frantically, remembering the last time that happened, she was stuck listening to him rambling on and on about how this person might have a large ego along with other things. And then it turned out it was written by some shy little child. Yeah, large ego. Totally.

Ralph looked slightly disappointed.

“Another time.”

He nodded.

“Alright another time then.”

Kayli gave the notebook to him.

“Can you do me a favor?”


“Go the dome headquarters and see if you can find anything similar. Also, I want you to do some translation work.”

“What? Not translation.... Please...”

“You said you wanted to help me...”

“Oh alright.” Ralph grabbed the book with a grumble and headed out. Kayli smiled to herself as she watched him leave. It was time to get down the business.

The End

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