.06 Rebellion: SlumsMature

Hannah picked out a light green dress to wear on the first day of her field trip. She was terribly excited as she had never been on one before and it just sounded really fun. She wasn’t quite sure what to take with her and she had forgotten to ask Richard about it. Well, if she forgot anything, Richard could always tell her about that later.

She stepped out of her room and saw Richard waiting for her.

“Hello.” She said with a cheery voice

“Good morning Hannah.” Richard said with a smile. “Did you have a good night’s sleep?”

Hannah nodded and flashed him a smile in return.

“So what are we doing today?” She asked, rocking on her heels.

“Well, you’ve got the words to read and then let me show you a place that the last queen was dazzled by.”

“Oh!” Hannah felt quite excited. While she wasn’t quite sure what dazzled meant, she thought that it sounded like an interesting word. It must mean something good. So she nodded to herself as she followed behind Richard.

A carriage was waiting for them at the front door. The doorkeeper from last time was not longer there, claiming to be recovering from a physical injury, though Hannah was quite sure he only had that one small nick on his throat. That was nothing compared to the pain she went through.

Hannah held her head up high as she thought of the pain that hit her when she fell through and she when she first woke up. now that was pain and she was proud to say that she had survived all of it. Every single moment of it. Sarah definitely had never felt this before. Her spot as queen was hard earned. She wasn’t just going to throw it away like that!

From what the speech said, there was something about destroying the slums. If it had been before, she might have felt a little upset about it, but now, she only felt anger towards the domes, angry that they refused to tell the people how wonderful the slums actually were. That nice people, the wonderful clothing. It was all hidden from everyone. She was determined to show the world that this was the real slums. It was not the dirt place that everyone thought it was. It was actually a wonderful place.

Hannah stepped into the carriage.

No one knew where the horse came from, but everyone always just assumed that it was just always there. There always was just a horse for the queen’s carriage. There weren’t many horses left in this world and these horses were practically blind from the lack of light.

The horse lumbered forward, slightly fat from the years of lack of use. The steady clatter of horse hooves against the ground rang in the air and Hannah thought that it was a joyous sound. A sound that she had never heard of before. She thought it was terribly interesting and she couldn’t stop looking outside the window as the horse, smiling each time a hoof clattered against the ground.

Houses flew by as the horse trotted down the street. There was only one carriage in the entirety of the slums and it was the queen’s. So whenever the carriage was seen, everyone would get out of the way for the carriage, afraid that they would get ran over or get the queen mad for being in the way.

It had been a while since the queen had come out and the carriage was a spectacle to be seen. Everyone stopped what they were doing to see the carriage. Even a poor crackhead stopped mid-breath to watch the carriage roll past him. Hannah loved the attention and she almost wanted to smile and wave at them. But when she glanced over at Richard, he shook his head as if realizing what she was thinking. Hannah frowned, but in the end, she knew that Richard was doing it for her good so she didn’t wave.

The carriage finally rolled to a stop at a busy junction. People were there traveling, taking a walk, or just simply doing what they did everyday, whether it was selling drugs or smoking. It was the most basic of the basic. Nothing new was happening there. That was of course until the carriage rolled over.

Richard hopped out, his hood over his head already. Hannah wasn’t quite too sure why Richard like to do that or why he didn’t want to show himself in public. He was such a nice person. Wouldn’t other people like him too?

Hannah took a step out with her hood up too. Richard had told her to do that. He said that people might have forgotten about the queen and he didn’t want to get her into any trouble before they were safe. So it was best that she have her hood up until they got to the area that she was suppose to read her words.

There was a platform in the corner with people straggling around it already. Richard had the news posted around the slums since yesterday. There were flyers across the place. It was surprising how fast things got around in this place. And so now, here at this place, people were beginning to congregate.

Around the slums were random platforms that usually just sat there. They were created with the thought that people could go and express what they wanted to say whenever they wanted to. It was an idea created by a certain queen that had some relations with the freelancers. Unfortunately, the idea did not catch on and to this day, these platforms have still remained basically unused, though there were slight signs of graffiti along with other similar things.

Hannah was led into the platform and she urged herself not to wave. Why she wasn’t allowed to was a mystery but she was told before that she shouldn’t and so Hannah did not.

Richard took a step forward. He waited until everyone quieted down before he spoke up again.

“As some of you may know, a new queen has been found.”

There were some cheers, but most people were quiet, waiting for more. Richard waited for the few who were cheering to calm down.

“As the subject of the new queen, I would like the anounce the entrance of the queen!”

He took a bow and motioned for Hannah to step forward. There were more cheers. Hannah threw back her hood and beamed a smile at everyone. A moment later, when the cheers died down once again, she took out her words and began reading them.

“It has been a long time since we’ve had a queen and I’m sure all of you must be ecstatic.” Hannah paused for a moment, wondering what that word meant, but a glance from Richard pushed her forward. “I’m am just as ecstatic as you are and I wish to say that being the new queen, I will promote forwardness.” Hannah tilted her in confusion, but continued. “We all know about those people up there. Those mindless people who spend all their time in little peaceful habitats. They’ve blocked the sun from us. And we’re going to get it back.”

There was another cheer.

“I know that many of you have felt that the time is right. And I agree, it is the time. We must move forward, but we must move together. Only working together will be be able to defeat the people above and only by defeating them will we get our fair share of the sun. So the question is, are you with me?”

There were more cheers and Hannah smiled. She was not a good orator and the speech felt weak coming out from her mouth, but it was a well written speech and that was enough to get everyone’s blood boiling.

Richard stood behind her with a smile on his hooded face he nodded slightly at Hannah as she turned to step down the platform. It wa a success more than he thought it would be.

But down in the crowd, a frowning figure darted away from the gather and ran straight down the street, stopping only to see if anyone was following him.

The End

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