.06 Rebellion: FreelancersMature

Kayli frowned as the people she sent out came back, all with deeply confused looks on them.

“Any luck?” She asked, but they all shook there head. Richard just didn’t seem to exist. The only place she hadn’t been able to check yet was the palace. But she thought that at least people would have heard of him before he moved to the palace, but no one. Not a single person knew about this Richard. This only made the whole situation even more suspicious, but what could Kayly do without any information?

She sighed and sat down, the notebook resting on the corner of her desk. She had been meaning to read the thing today if weren’t for Kyle’s suddenly arrival. But she really needed to take a break.

She grabbed the thing and flipped it open.

The first page was filled with scribbles, notes of something possibly in planning, but to the disappointment of Kayli, she could barely understand what it said. It was as if it was written in many different dialects and languages mixed together. No wonder why this secret hadn’t been found earlier. Kayli really wanted to go back the to library to grab a couple language books, but the thought of those men made her shiver and forget about the idea. Plus she would have to dig a new hole now that her old one had been filled up and Kayli was sure she was not going to get that lucky finding a loose area in the ruins.

She sighed and continued to flip through the book. She looked at each page, inspecting the image more than she looked at the words. There were a couple of neatly drawn diagrams with indecipherable words. And then she reached the ripped page.

She squinted at the page and realized that it was a poem. There was no title to it and it was surprisingly written in English. The ink on the page looked fresh and it seemed to have been added lately. But part of the poem was gone. Of the parts that was still there it said:

Of silver and platinum

Invincible creatures

Leave no fatal marks

A single disk 

And peace 

And silence 

And the secret

She couldn’t believe her eyes. It made no sense. Most of the poem had been torn away and now Kayli felt really stupid. Luck had really not been on her side this time and she wished that she had at least tried to rip the paper back.

She sighed and closed the book. The poem was confusing. From the look of the ink it was new, yet why would someone write this in the book? And who? Ryan said that it was filed under pottery and it was obviously done so on purpose.

Kayli leaned back and closed her eyes. All of this was making her head hurt. She wished that it wasn’t this complicated. Why did people like to play games like this so much? She was terribly annoyed and tired.

Kayli got up and took a stretch. The notebook closed, revealing the back cover and Kayli gasped.

In the same scripted writing as the poem, there was another line scrawled along the back.

Be careful Miss Rose. The future is in your hands...

The End

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