.06 Rebellion: SlumsMature

Richard sat down with Hannah who had just woken up from a long nap.

“Can I talk to you?”

“Yeah.” Hannah nodded eagerly. “About what?”

“We’re going to go on a little field trip later this month.

“Field trip? What’s that?”

“You’ll get to walk around and see lots of new things.”

“Really! I love field trips then!”


“But what?”

“I have just one little rule.”

“What?” Hannah was terribly excited and she wanted to know what kind of rule there was. Maybe it would make it even more fun. Like having to walk somewhere blindfolded or something like that.

“Whenever we get to a new place, I’m going to give you some words to read to a crowd of people. Then you can do whatever you want.”

“Is is a lot of words?”

Richard took out a small folded piece of paper and handed it to Hannah.

“Is this a lot?”

Hannah took the paper and skimmed it. There were a decent amount of words, but it wasn’t terrible.

“Not really. I’ll do it.”

She smiled brightly at the thought of the field trip.

“Alright thank you.” Richard got up and left the room. Step one of his campaign was ready.

The End

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