.06 Rebellion: Domes (Boss)Mature

Jordan smiled inwardly at the news. But Boss was standing before him pale in the face. There was no doubt that he had no way of proving that Garth had been killed. Boss had miscalculated so many things to the point where he could only run his hands through his hair and mutter about his age and his now rusty mind.

Jordan waited patiently as his father slowly took the information in. The blow was fatal and he saw him pale in an instant. He knew that his father had no choice but to give the commander spot back to him, and Jordan had all the intentions of getting it back. Of course, he couldn’t be obvious or else his father would notice and then, no matter how good of a hider he was, his father would still get suspicious and that would be enough to screw him over.

Moments later, Boss finally opened his mouth again.

“I suppose you want your spot back.”

Jordan made no response, his face was frozen into a blank expression.

“I asked you if you want your spot back!” Boss shouted, pounding the table.

“That’s a very difficult question to answer.” He responded coolly. “If I were to say yes, I would seem suspicious, but would I really say no? How am I to answer?”

“You-” Boss froze in a moment of annoyance. Jordan did get the best out of him and Boss hated when that happened. He hated looking stupid in front of his son. He hated how his son was so much superior than he was. These were all unfortunate truths that he now had to face and it didn’t taste very good.

“Would you like the straightforward answer then?”

Boss gave him flat stare.

“And that it suppose to mean?” Jordan tilted his head and asked, toying with him.

“Give the answer. I don't have the time to play games with you.”

“Yes then.”

Boss let out a breath.

“Then go and be the commander that you want to be.” He gave a resigned wave and sent him off. Jordan frowned. His father was not the type to just let in like that. Unless there was something else behind all of this that he didn’t know? Jordan left with a frown in his face. But maybe he had really just broken his father.

Jordan stepped outside the room, where Varian was standing. He looked slightly worried, seeing the expression on Jordan’s face. But Jordan’ gave him a pat on the back.

“We did it.”

Varian smiled and a wave of relief washed over him. Thank god.

The End

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