.06 Rebellion: SlumsMature

Richard sat at a table thinking, waiting for his servant to come. The hooded man walked into eventually and Richard gestured for him to sit.

“We need to start getting things under control.”

The hooded figure nodded.

“Have you heard about the recent increase in slumming? Just a week. After the freelancers disappeared, the people have gotten more and more fearless. They’re being reckless and it’s only going to bring them to their end.”

The hooded man nodded once again.

“We need a another rally.”

“Is she under control?” The man asked, his raspy voice expressed a slight bit of concern.

“She should be fine. We’ll need to be careful not to get her upset.”

“Then she’s not under control.”

Jordan rolled his eyes.

“Not everyone just sits there and listens to everything that I command them to do.”

The hooded man fumed slightly. Richard paused for a moment before he continued.

“I think we need a campaign.”

“Someone’s using big words.” He grumbled.

“Gavin...” Richard at the hooded man.

“Don’t say my name.” Gavin muttered. Richard ignored him.

“I’m sure everyone will agree to help us. The energy is there. If only we could control it and guide it. If we could destroy all of the domes together, then we would have a chance at weakening the domes enough.”

“Why don’t we just destroy them?” Gavin muttered, his raspy voice making it almost inaudible.

“We went over this before. We can’t be too ambitious, once at a time. First the sun, then other things.”

Gavin only grumbled in response. Richard sighed.

“Well, I’ll be off to make some arrangements then.” Richard coughed slightly and left the room. Gavin, with nothing else to do, followed along gruffly.

The End

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