.06 Rebellion: DomesMature

Jordan frowned at the report. A sudden onset of slummed domes sent a wave of fear through the people. He wasn’t sure what his father was going to do about it, but he was sure that he would have to use that to his advantage. Time was running short and if he wanted to rise up to power, he would have to act quick.

Jordan closed the report and threw it aside. He went back to his table where an intricate plan was being made. He would have to get rid of Garth first before he set this plan into motion. But the moment Garth was gone, he would be able to gain all his power back. In the case that he didn’t, well, he would still get it back anyways then.

Jordan sighed as he leaned back into his chair. A familiar face flashed through his mind as he closed his eyes and he froze for a moment.

Kayli. What was she doing here in his mind?

Jordan realized that there was a hole in his plan. The freelancers were still there. He had to get rid of them. He knew that ever since the attack on the freelancers, Kayli probably hated him down to his guts, which, to be honest, he didn’t give a shit about. That girl was too short tempered and shallow. The fact that she gave Jordan her full trust only proved how stupid she was. Even her father distrusted her. Of course, he had to get rid of him because of that, but that was no big problem.

In fact, arranging deaths was one of Jordan’s specialties, unfortunately not one shown off too often. For that though, he was glad about.

He wondered if Kayli still thought about him with undying hatred or if she had forgotten it already, thrown in a whirlwind of issues to be resolved now that her headquarters were gone. He laughed to himself, knowing how ridiculous the second one was. Kayli forgetting about revenge? That was like beggars forgetting their money. You would have to lose your brain before it happened.

Jordan heard a buzz from the CameraCam and lean in to see who it was.

“Varian!” He said with excitement. Varian looked around before speaking again.

“Garth’s next assignment is this afternoon. It also may be his last assignment depending on how he does.”

Jordan nodded.

“So soon?”

“I suppose he wants to redeem himself.”

“Alright. I’ll prepare some plans.”

Varian nodded and left. Jordan shut the CameraCam in excitement. It was time to put his plans into action.

The End

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