.06 Rebellion: SlumsMature

Richard sighed as he looked at the mess that Hannah made screaming and shouting. He had to run and up wrestle her down to keep her from hitting the guards. But now that Hannah seemed to have calmed down, he approached her to ask what happened.


Hannah looked up from her bed, streaks of tears had stained her face. Her white dress was a mess of wrinkles and she looked tired.

“What?” She muttered, her words slightly unclear.

“What happened?”


“Are you sure?” Richard eyed her with concern. “Are you sure that nothing happened?”


“Then why did you want to hit the guard.”


“Hannah.” Richard put on a stern voice, realizing that he was now dealing with someone in the mindset of a five year old.

“What?” Hannah sounded a little annoyed.

“Do you trust me?”

Hannah nodded.

“Then why won’t you tell me what happened?”

Hannah froze as she realized that she had no idea how to respond to this.

“I- I don’t know.” She muttered. “I just don’t want to.”

“Well, will you?”


“Do you know when?”

“Maybe tomorrow.”

“What about today?”

“No.” Hannah shook her head solidly. “Not today.”

“Why not?”

“Because I don’t want to.”

“And why don’t you want to?”

“Because.. Because...”Hannah trailed off with nothing to say. “Oh alright, I’ll tell you.”

She paused for a moment to gather her thoughts.

“So you know Sarah? The friend that I told you about?” Hannah gave Richard a woeful glance. He nodded, motioning her to continue. “Well, she was being mean to me and she said that I should leave because it’s dangerous here. So I told her that you would protect me. But she wouldn’t believe me and wanted me to leave. I thought she was just jealous of me, but I feel hurt now and it hurts right here.” She tapped her chest lightly.

Richard smiled slightly and rested an arm around her.

“Well, I’m here, so it’s all fine. Right?”

Hannah smiled and dug her face into his chest, closing her eyes with a sigh.

“You’re so nice Richard. No one’s been so nice to me before, you know.”

And so they sat there, Hannah resting lightly against Richard until she fell asleep. He set her down gently on her bed with a small smile and then hurried off.

He was glad that Hannah was so simple minded. Or else he wouldn’t have known what to do with her.

The End

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