.05 Questing: FreelancersMature

Sarah didn’t know that the freelancers were this sophisticated.

Even though this was their backup headquarters, they were already mostly settled and everything was up and running as if they had been running since forever.

Sarah was guided down a hallway on a second floor that she didn’t even know existed. They stopped at a small room a the end of the hall and Sarah was given the key to the room. She unlocked the wooden door and pushed it opened, revealing a rather old but lush apartment room. The place was furnished in all red and Sarah blushed to think what might have happened in here.

The sheets in here were fresh but not the original ones, being a bright shade a pink instead of the deep maroon red over everything else. Sarah ignored the musty smell and settled down, taking off her cloak.

It was cold in here.

The slums was always the temperature of mid autumn or early spring no matter what the weather was above ground. The only place that that didn’t hold for was the palace where the hole let in some snow in the winter and heat in the summer. The most common though was in the spring when it rained and the water streamed down the hole into a large reservoir on top of the palace. This water was used for the ditches and were filled only in special occasions just for show. The ditches hadn’t been filled for a while and it was a phenomenon that few in the slums even remember anymore.

Of course Sarah would never know that. She only knew that a couple days before, she was wearing an AC suit and now she was wearing a heavy cloak and the sudden temperature change felt a little out of place.

Sarah leaned back and laid down on the bed with a sigh, glad that this bed was so soft. After all that running (which really to be honest was not a lot) and everything else that happened today, she felt tired and needed a nap to release all that stress. So Sarah rolled over and curled up into a ball. She closed her eyes and in a few minutes, she fell into a deep and comforting sleep.

The End

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