.05 Questing: DomesMature

Jordan smiled as he heard what Varian had to say.

“The old man’s afraid of his son I see...” He said with a small chuckle. “Well thank you Varian. I’ll be needing more of these reports whenever you can.”

He watched as Varian nodded and left. Jordan leaned back in the solitary of his room and laughed again. Garth, this little idiot was only a pawn in a chess game, a chess game between him and his father. The moment Garth was of no use of his father anymore, Garth would go down the drain.

If anyone thought that his father was stupid was stupid themselves. Boss was calculating and the only mistake he had ever made was send Jordan out onto the field. It was a big mistake that now proved to be dangerously fatal. He had experience now. He was smart, better. There was no way his father had mean for this to happen. He knew what kind of person his father was. He only wanted to scared Jordan a little. But it ended up failing miserably.

Jordan knew that he was winning and he smiled slightly. He would have to remember to ask Varian next time he came to find out when Garth’s next operation was.

The End

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