.05 Questing: SlumsMature

“What now?” Sarah asked as she leaned against the wall of a ditch. They had been here for almost an hour. The commotion  just wouldn’t stop and now, finally, everything seemed to be quiet again.

Kyle was thinking, a long frown stretched across his face.

“There may be someone that might help us. If she doesn’t have too much on her own hands to deal with right now.”

“Really?” Sarah’s eyes lit up. “Who?”

“That freelancer girl.”

“Oh.” Sarah sounded slightly disappointed. She wasn’t sure why, but she was.

“Do you not want to find her?”

“Oh no, I just wasn’t expecting it. I thought you maybe had more friends or something.”

Kyle gave her a wry grin and an incredulous stare.

“Obviously you haven’t been here for a while. Don’t you understand that no can be trusted here? Not even me? Only the freelancers hold their word.”

“Not even you?” Sarah felt a shiver down her spine. Suddenly being reminded that you couldn’t trust someone you had just trusted a few moments ago was a very queer feeling that made Sarah feel quite uncomfortable.

“Of course, I usually stick to my word.” He added, but to Sarah that wasn’t quite enough.

“Usually?” Her eyes bulged.

“What?” He gave her a flat stare. “That’s pretty good in the slums. You should be thankful that you found me and no someone else. I know plenty of people who would tell you something and do the complete opposite.”

Sarah almost rolled her eyes.

As if you didn’t...

But she kept the thought to herself. After all, it would be no good to get Kyle angry.

Sarah coughed slightly, holding back a laugh.

“Alright...” She said with a small grin. “I suppose that’s true...”

Kyle gave her a glare and stormed off.

“Hey wait!” She shouted, running off after him.

The End

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