.05 Questing: Domes (Boss)Mature

Boss sat in his chair, his face a hard as stone. He looked completely different, so different that it was unbelievable that he was smiling so wide a few moments ago. He beckoned a few guards into the room and motioned for them to close to door.

Once the door was shut, he leaned in and stared at them intensely.

“I want you to watch Garth and protect him at all times. Do you understand?”

The guards all nodded silently.

“My son needs to be watched out for especially. That child is too power hungry. If Garth goes, then I go. I know what that child has up his mind. Do you understand?” He eyed each one of them carefully. They all nodded once again

“I’m trusting you with this information. I hope that I’ve made a good decision.”

Then he beckoned for them to leave. Unfortunately what he didn’t realize, was that one of them was no longer trustworthy.

Varian chuckled as he left the room, heading directly towards Jordan’s room.

The End

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