.05 Questing: DomesMature

Garth knew that this time, he wasn’t going to get away with what he did. He knew that Boss was going to be mad at him. He knew how Boss treated Jordan, and while he had never treated Garth that way before, there were always first times. Garth knew that it was coming for him too and to face Boss disappointed made him shiver in fright.

He walked past Jordan’s room and paused. He really wanted to just go in and tell Jordan that he could have everything back. That he wanted to just stop this competition because Garth really was feeling tired of all this pointless stuff. But he knew Jordan as well, and he would only accuse Garth of being afraid of being a loser.

As much as Garth was tired of this, he still couldn’t stand being called the official loser. Anyways, if he lost, then he really wouldn't have any future at all. His only specialty, strategy, was now no longer an advantage. Jordan was just as smart as he was.

Garth’s hand hovered over the bell for a moment, but he bit his lip and crew it back, realizing that he wouldn’t have anything to say to jordan anyways. He turned and continued down his way to Boss’s room.

The door of the room was slightly open and Garth gingerly pushed the door of the room open. His head peeked in and he glanced over at Boss’s desk where Boss was sitting there, his face clouded with thought, ruminating over something.

Boss’s eyes wandered over to him and lit up.

“Garth! I heard you’re back!” He sounded welcoming and Garth could only let out a brief sigh of relief. Brief because who knew what Boss had in mind next? For all he knew, Boss could suddenly change mood and start yelling at him. But right now, it seemed to be that he either didn’t know about what had really happened or he just really wasn’t upset about it. Garth was hoping for the second one, but he knew it was more likely to be the first one.

“Yeah, I’m back.”

Boss smiled, a look of concern appeared on his face.

“How did you like it on the field?”

Garth took in a deep breath and sighed.

“To be honest, I don’t really like it.”

Boss nodded as if he had been expecting this answer.

“I can tell. I heard you did some things out there that were all that great.”

“Yeah.” Garth responded, he head held low. He knew it was coming. Boss was going to yell at him now and then strip him of everything just like he did with Jordan, except for, then Garth would be exiled or something because honestly, he was not going to get anything back from Jordan, nor was he Boss’s son.

But to his surprise, Boss patted him on the back.

“Son, you know, sometimes, some people just aren’t fit to be on the field and I don’t blame you for that.”

Garth looked up at him, his eyes wide open.


Boss chuckled as he nodded.

“Of course! We’ve worked in this room together strategizing for years. how could I not know what type of person you were?”

Garth blushed. Of course! How silly of him not to figure that out earlier. Boss was just testing him. Right?

“I was just curious to see if you really had any love for the field. But since you don’t, it won’t matter too much. A good Boss is only required to command, but never to fight.”

Garth nodded eagerly. Boss had just said a good Boss. Not a good commander but a good Boss. did that mean that he was to be the next Boss instead of Jordan? But then, Garth felt confused. Why were they treated to differently? Boss almost seemed to hate Jordan even though he was his son. Yet he was so nice to Garth. It was just so confusing. What was wrong with Jordan?

Garth almost shook his head, but stopped, remembering that he was still sitting in front of Boss, who was waiting for a reply.

“I guess I don’t a mind for fieldwork.” He said with a shrug. Boss smiled, as if his smile couldn’t have gotten any wider.

“You’re getting smart my boy.” He gave Garth another pat on the back. “Now, go get some rest. Today must have been a stressful day.”

Garth nodded gratefully and left the room.

The End

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