.05 Questing: FreelancersMature

Kayli was in deep trouble.

She had nothing but a torch and an old notebook to defend herself with, and she couldn’t even actually use the notebook because, well because it was a notebook first off and second off, she still needed to read the stuff inside it. Anyways, if this landed into the hands of one of them, if they happened to get back to the domes, then those robots really might become flawless.

She panted hard as she ran through the dark caverns of the collapsed building, wrinkling her nose at the smell of dead bodies, not rotting. She almost tripped on something heavy and almost threw up realizing that it was a severed arm. She grabbed it and threw it at the crowd of men... no dogs, behind her and hoped that it was be enough of a distraction to give her some more time.

Kaylie bent down to inspect the tiles and cursed. She was heading in the wrong direction. She would have to make a full u-turn to get back to her exit. From the look of those men, it seemed to be that her exit was the only one available which brought up another question. How was she going to block them from coming up once she got out?

The arm seemed to have work and she could hear the sound of flesh getting torn up. Kayli forced back her stomach contents as she bent down to smother her torch, leaving only the barest embers left to glow. She began creeping back towards the noise, taking an alternate route. She would have to be care not to make any noise at all, or else, without her light, she was deadmeat.

Kayli tiptoed back through the path that she went down, pausing every moment or two to inspect the tile. The crowd completely infatuated over the arm, was behind her, completely oblivious of her movements. Kayli wondered why it was taking them so long to eat such a small arm, but she wasn’t complaining. Their ruckus was hiding her footsteps as well.

But as she was easing through a small crack, she hit a ledge and a shower of pebbles slid down. Immediately, all noise died down and Kayli could almost feel all of their dim eyes glaring at her. She stopped and waited, her heart pounding against her heart. There was a grunt and for the first time, a word.


The voice was hoarse and strained. No wonder why they didn’t speak anymore. The lack of water was too much of a strain for them to speak anymore and Kayli wince at the noise.

“Come! Show you to us!” The voice beckoned

“We nice!” Another shouted.

“We like you.”

Kayli shivered as she tried to keep still, half caught in between the crack in an awkward squat. Her legs were starting to burn and she was on the verge of collapse. Kayli could feel the tears begin to well up in her eyes from the pain. She had to get out soon.

Kayli took in a deep breath and pushed herself through the crack, causing another shower of pebbles. And that was enough to attract them all over to her direction.

“There!” One of them hissed and she heard to start scrambling towards her. She plowed on forward, recognizing the more familiar path that lead out from the entrance of the library.

She almost cried from relief. She was almost there.

Kayli pushed on through the darkness slightly faster than before, now knowing where she was. She gasped in excitement as the exit came closer and closer. She reached the hill that led back up and was about to climb it  when she realized that she was missing something.

The notebook.

She turned back and around and there it was, lying on the ground, right in front of the feet of the crowd.


She curse in her mind trying to think up of a way to get the notebook without getting eaten alive. Along with keeping to notebook intact.

Kayli watched in horror as one of the men picked the notebook up.

“Lookit... Someone’s diary.” He hissed, jeering at Kayli, waving the book in front of her. Kayli ran back, lunging at the man.

“Give it back!” She shouted, throwing herself as him. The man toppled easily and Kayli ripped to notebook from his hands. There was a loud rip and half of a page in the book came out. Kayli could care much about it anymore and she could only hope that it wasn’t an important page.

She scrambled back up to the exit and began throwing showers of pebbles down at the men. Being weak from the lack of food, the rocks were enough to keep them at bay as Kayli tried to find a way to block the exit, not only so that she would be able to get away, but so that they would die in there instead of getting out. Especially now since one of them had a page to the notebook. If that page got out to anywhere, she would be screwed.

Kayli began tossing larger rocks down the hole and there began to be a buildup of stone, rotten wood and anything else that she could get her hands on. Kayli’s arms were starting to get tired and she needed a plan soon. She just had to find something big enough to block the exit but heavy enough that the men down there wouldn't be able to push open. She threw another handful of gravel when she spotted a large stone brick lodged at the edge of her hole. If she could just push that loose....

Kayli chucke another handful of stone down the chute before she scrambled up to the brick. It was larger than she had thought, but it she could successfully push that down, the hole along with all traces of what she had done would be gone. Everything would be filled.

Thankfully, the brick rested on loose gravel that moved easily at the brick slid along. It was balanced gingerly in a rotten log of wood and as Kayli pushed it forward, the wood slowly stared to splinter and split. Kayli prayed for it to last at least until the brick fell into the hole, or else, there would be no way she would be able to push the brick down the hole.

She grunted as she shoved the brick with all her might, trying even harder at the sound of the men slowly became louder and louder.

Just a bit... Just a little bit more...

A hand was already stretching out of the hole and Kayli had to shift a quick foot out to step on it, raising a loud agonizing scream at the hand fell backwards. Kayli gave the brick one last shove and it toppled down with a groan, the wooden log completely splintered under the weight. It knock everything beneath it down and landed heavily into the hole.

Kayli was safe.

She let out a small sigh of relief and ran off, now wishing to get away from this place as soon as possible.

The End

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