.05 Questing: SlumsMature

Kyle leaned against the banister of the stairs down the hall from the library. From here, he could see if Sarah was coming back and whether she was in danger or not.

His eyes lit up as he saw Sarah run back, but then he frowned. He could tell from the way that Sarah ran back, good news was not coming. She looked terribly upset and blood trickled slightly down one of her arms. Were those... claw marks? Kyle frowned. That definitely wasn’t good news.

“What happened?” He asked as Sarah approached him.

“She wouldn’t listen.” Sarah said with a shake of her head. “She thought I was lying. That I was jealous that she had all this stuff that I didn’t. I tried telling her that it was all a lie, but she wouldn’t listen. And she said something about a Richard protecting her... Do you know a Richard?”

Kyle was silent for a moment, but he shook his head afterwards.

“I don’t know any Richard.” He said. He glanced over at her arm. “And what happened there?

Sarah winced, hiding her arm.

“She tried to attack me.”

Kyle frowned.

“You’ve caused quite a ruckus then. Do you think she might have called the guards?”

“I- I don’t know. Would she? I don’t know if she would know enough to do that...”

“I think we should leave.” Kyle said through pursed lips. There were heavy footsteps overhead. “Now.” He added and pushed her down that hall in the opposite direction of the library.

“Why are we going in this direction?” Sarah gasped as she ran after Kyle.

“Do you think they’ll give us enough time to open that trap door in the library?”

“But they don’t know where we are.”

“I’m sure they saw you at least come this way. If she saw you go down the vent, the guards will know where you’re headed for.”


“Do you want to get out?”

Sarah nodded bewildered.

“Then I suggest you shut your mouth and save some of your breath for running.”

Sarah promptly shut her mouth and began running, partially because she really was getting tired.

They jumped down the stairs and ran through the great hall. It was a shame that Sarah couldn’t stop and admire the place, but she swore she would come back and give the whole place a good inspection. The guards had now seen them and were shouting after them as their heavy footsteps fell against the half wooden, half stone staircase.

Kyle was leading her towards the main door, which was slightly open. He dragged her forward cursing as Sarah stumbled.

“Can’t you run faster?”

“I don’t just go around being chased by people all day.” She shouted, barely able to wheeze that words out.

“Goddamn you people.” He muttered under his breath. They were almost at the door. Once they got there, Kyle knew a ditch that they could hide in until everything had past. If they could get to the door first.

A dark shadow flited in front of them and Kyle looked up, just to be faced by the suspicious doorkeeper, now holding a longsword in his hands.

“Stop!” He shouted, waving the sword dangerously in front of him. “Surrender! I knew you two were up to no good!”

Kyle smirked.

“Surrender? I don’t think that’s the most fitting word here sir.”

They were completely stopped now, standing in front of the doorkeeper. Kyle stood there without a trace of nervousness, as if this had all been part of his plan.

“This is no time to be a smartass young man. I could cut your tongue off right this moment.” He jabbed the sword menacing at Kyle’s chest, poking him backwards a little. Sarah stood besides him bewildered. She had no idea what to do and she could only watch Kyle get pushed backwards. Now, she realized how stupid she had been to try and attempt to convince Hannah about this. She should’ve known better. She had been with Hannah for some many years, how could she have no noticed what kind of person Hannah really was? Now she really regretted not being more smart back then.

Kyle was chuckled as the guards from behind finally arrived. They all drew their swords and pointed them at him. They were completely surrounded and there seemed to be no way out.

“Well, you can try of course. Though, to be completely honest, I’m not sure if you’re capable of cutting off my tongue.”

He gave the doorkeeper a wry grin as he stuck his tongue out at him. The doorkeeper, angry at Kyle for his insult on his sword skills, lashed out with his sword at Kyle’s tongue. Kyle quickly flashed to a side and chomped down on the side of the sword. He slid towards the doorkeeper and knocked him down. in a flash, Kyle had hold of the doorkeeper with his longsword pressed snugly against his neck.

“Back off all of you, or this sword might forget who its own once was.”

The guards all looked bewildered. This had never happened before. Never in their life had they been threatened. If was always them capturing intruders, but never intruders capturing them. Maybe it was because they hadn’t been guarding to palace for a while and were now a little rusty just like the doorkeeper, but mostly, it was because they had never dealt with a freelancer before.

And what Kyle used, was a tactic taught to him by a freelancer.

It was a simple idea that he could have came up with himself if he had the right circumstances, but nonetheless, not many people would think to manipulate people through anger.

Now of course, Kyle gave it his own twist with his own sarcasm, but combined with the combat lessons he secretly watched and taught himself, it was the perfect way to get out and leave these guards stumped.

One of the guards, not believing that this was really true, took a step forward, but he quickly stepped backwards once again as he watched Kyle press the blade down on the doorkeeper's neck, leaving the thinnest line of blood on his pale skin. The doorkeeper was shivering and shaking, never being in this situation either. Different scenarios flashed through his mind as to what would happen to him and none of them were good.

Kyle chuckled slightly.

“Now if you just let us go, we’ll let him go as well.”

Now the guards were even more troubled.

If they let him go, the queen would be really angry. If they didn’t let them go and the doorkeeper got killed, the queen would still get angry for an unnecessary death and if the doorkeeper died and they still got away, well, they would be in even more trouble.

The guards didn’t know what to do and all this thinking was hurting their stupid little heads.

Kyle wasn’t patient enough to wait for their response. He began backing up already and dragged Sarah, who was still half in a daze along with him. They were already touching the door when the guards finally noticed that they were leaving.

“Stop!” They all instinctively shouted. But it was too late and all they could do was watch as Kyle gave them a sweet wave goodbye before throwing the doorkeeper at them and slamming to door shut. Some of the guards scrambled to catch the doorkeeper while others went up to open the door. But Kyle had locked the door from the outside and they could only shake it in anger, while the other guards were tending to the doorkeeper, whose only words were

“He took my longsword...”

The End

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