.05 Questing: FreelancersMature

Kayli rushed back with a torch in her hand and meandered through the rubble to find her hole again. It was hard to miss considering it’s size and Kayli found it quickly. She shined the torch down the tunnel just to make sure there was nothing there for she slid down the tunnel.

The air below reeked of gravel and was already getting somewhat musty even though it had only been a week. Kayli inspected the tile and already, she knew where she was. She was quite a ways off from the entrance to the library and she sighed, thankful for this stupid yet useful tile system.

Kayli rushed through the darkness, holding the torch in front of her. The building hadn’t collapsed completely, leaving a low hanging, but spacious cavern to walk through.

Kayli felt slightly worried. If the building didn’t completely collapse, then did that mean the people there were still alive? Did that mean that she might still meet one of those men in black?But then Kayli shook that thought away from her mind. Of course not, it had been a week, they would’ve all died of hunger if not thirst. Unless they resorted to eating each other.

Kayli prayed that they were all dead. She was not ready to deal with some crazed cannibals yet. Kayli reminded herself to make sure to seal off her hole after she left with the book. It was best the leave this dead place in peace. There was nothing else much that she could do about it.

The steps of down to the library were littered with gravel. Kayli made sure not to slip and the darkness of the library made her feel out of place. She was not accustomed to the place being so dark and so barely lit. There was no light except for her torch which barely shone anything anywhere. She could see almost nothing and it bothered her deeply.

Lack of light had never been a huge problem for her, but now, it could only remind her of how she failed to protect this place. How she stupidly trusted a spy for years. How she thought that they had been playmates, best friends. And now? He just disappeared and almost killed her as well.

Kayli slammed her fist against the wall and winced as it brought up a billow of dust. She coughed as she waved the dust away. Now where was that book?

Ryan said that it had been filed under the pottery section, but Kayli had forgotten to ask him if he had moved it over along with the others books about the robot. Kayli sighed. She would have to look over each book one by one and in a library this size, she was just glad that both sections that she had to inspect were some of the smaller sections of the library.

So Kayli began.

The search was long and tedious and her eyes began to tire already from scanning the bookshelves in the dimness of the torch light. She rubbed her eyes and pushed forward. She was starting to get a headache as well from all the dust that had gotten down here.

Kayli coughed again and was about to give up. She was tired and spending anymore time down here would just be wasting her time and everyone else’s precious time. She might as well go back and ask Ryan where he had put it. She sighed and rubbed her temples tiredly. She had just been too eager and excited about things again. Why hadn’t she just had sat down and thought through what she was going to do and what she needed for it? It would have saved her so much more time instead of what she was doing now.

Kayli got up from a dusty seat and brushed the dust off of her pants. She gave the shelves one last quick scan before she left. She turned to leave when suddenly, she thought she saw something. She glanced back and scurried back to the shelf.

She pushed her hand in between two huge volumes and grabbed the corner of a small book that had been barely sticking out of the shelf.

It was terribly tight and she had trouble squeezing it out without causing a ruckus, but the book finally slid free, (of course along with a landslide of dust and other pleasant things) and Kayli looked upon the cover with excitement.

The cover was blank.

She frowned, but she continued to open it and found it to be a notebook. Tight but neat words were scrawled throughout the pages of the thin book and diagrams of something... something seemingly important were drawn neatly into the book.

Kayli sucked in her breath as she realized that this had been what she was looking for. She hadn’t realized that it was actually the journal of the original found who came up with this system. Kayli’s heart pounded as she rushed out of the library, keeping her head low. But the inevitable came anyways.

A heavy thump of the ground warned her of approaching people and when she finally looked up, she was faced with a horrible sight.

Men stood before her, their eyes dim from hunger and dehydration. There was blood on their clothes, clearly they must had eaten the dead and sacrificed the injured. But they were still barely alive.

One of them bared his teeth as if lunch were nearby and lunged at her.

Kayli froze, turned and ran.

The chase was on.

The End

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