.05 Questing: FreelancersMature

Kayli walked briskly down the street towards the old headquarters. The mess scene that had once attracted so many curious people was now completely desolate. Other than the group of people that had followed her to help her find assess the ruins, she hadn’t seen any other people who would come to see the ruins. But then why would they come? There was nothing for them to see. The implosion of this building was completely irrelevant to their everyday life. In fact, most people blamed the implosion on angry ghosts, just more the reason not to go to the ruins.

Kayli stepped into the familiar alleyway, still dark as ever, the traps still sprung tight. The brick doorway was flung wide and blood stains still littered the ground. Kayli had gone back and buried the door keeper's body a while back, but in the rainless world of the slums, there was no such thing as leaving blood stains to be washed away by the rain. Kayli would have to come back some day with some water to rinse them away.

But right now, she had to find the book.

Kylie plowed through the rubble, weaving through the mess, trying to conjured up a floor plan in her mind. She had to locate the stairs to the basement, of course under the circumstances that it was wasn’t completely covered in rubble.

She stood in the middle of the mess, trying to figure out where she would be if the building had still be there.

This should be the lobby.

She turned left and began heading straight off towards the far end of the destruction. It was dark here and Kayli had to be careful not to trip on her face while she was crawling through the mess. Dust occasionally blew up and she almost choked on a mouthful once. It was hard not to lose her sense of direction and walking in a straight line never had been this hard before.

The rubble seemed to go on and on.

Kayli looked around, swearing that the headquarters were definitely not that big, nor did it take that long to walk from one end to the other. She must be thinking too much.

But Kayli decided to stop and figure out where she really was.

The implosion only destroyed to upper floors of the building, causing them to fall in and onto the inhabitants of the first level. but the first floor was still intact. At least mostly.

Kayli began digging down, trying to see if she could catch a glimpse of the tile.

The tiles of the first floor were a differente so that in the case of the implosion, you coulds till locate where you were from the pattern of the tiles. It was actually a really stupid system because, after an implosion, who was going to be coming back?

But luckily, for Kayli, this tile system now came into major use. She scratched at the thick layer of rubble, pushing it away to a corner so that it wouldn’t just slide down again. It was a deep layer of rubble and a huge cloud of dust flew up around her. She began coughing, but she ignored it, pushing deeper into the ruins until she hit something hard.

Something was blocking her from getting to the floor. She grunted and began pulling on it with all her might, but it barely budged. then she realized that she was standing on the thing. Of course she wouldn’t be able to lift it up!

She scooted backwards in her hole but realized that she didn’t have enough room. She would have to go back and either find another way to get to the floor or widen her hole. She was probably better off widening her hole.

She clambered up her hole and grabbed a big wooden plank to help her dig and she began working on shifting the sand. It was slow going and her hands began to hurt from holding the piece of splintery wood, but she couldn’t stop now. Not after she had work so hard to get everything to the point of where it was now.

She grunted as she hit something hard. It shook slightly and she gave it another kick. The thing wobbled and tumbled down a hole, taking a bunch of ash and rubble with it. Kayli stared at it in surprise.

She bent down and swiped the rubbled away, revealing a dark tunnel down. Kaylie felt excitement rush up through her. But then, she remembered that in her hurry, she didn’t bother to grab some sort of light and going down now would be just plain stupid. She sighed and looked around to see if, in her luck, she would be able to find a light of some kind.

But her luck seemed to have worn out and she left her hole disappointed, but in hope.

She had a lead and now, she only had to find a light to guide her to her book.

To her future.

The End

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