.05 Questing: DomesMature

Jordan was working at his work table when there was another knock on his door. Jordan glanced at the CameraCam to see his second in command Varian standing at his door.

“Varian! What brings you here? Aren’t you suppose to be on a mission with your new commander?”

He saw Varian roll his ye at the mention of Garth and Jordan could tell that he didn’t like Garth just as much as Jordan did.

“Don’t mention him.” He muttered. “We went all the way down the slums with him just to watch him make a complete fool of himself.”

“Really?” Jordan raised an eyebrow. “I’m curious, tell me what happened?”

“Can you let me in first?”

“I can’t. Remember? I’m technically under house arrest.”

“And since when did you follow rules?”

“Good point.” Jordan smiled slightly as he reached out and slapped a button. The door opened even though the light on the door was still on locked.

Varian walked in and the door slide shut behind him.

Varian was tall and athletic, even taller than Jordan, but then Varian was much older as well. He would have been commander if it weren’t for Jordan, but Varin never felt the need to complain under the command of Jordan. But that Garth. He really wanted to strangle him. He didn’t understand why Boss thought Garth was so valuable and so much better than Jordan. Yes Jordan screwed up on that operation, but not enough to strip him of all his power!

Varian knew that Jordan had felt just a guilty of the death of all those comrade. Jordan motioned for him to take a seat.

“So... what brings you here?” He asked, setting down the pen he had been scribbling so hard with.

“Nothing much. They boys miss you.”

Jordan grinned slightly.

“Not liking Garth too much?”

Varian rolled his eyes.

“Him... Don’t get me started...”

Jordan chuckled.

“Tell me, I want to here. So what exactly happened?”

Varian leaned in and told Jordan about the entirety of the mission, how Garth had made a completely fool of himself, how he had to stop at every corner to see if there was anything to be cautious of, how he had to avoid any road that had people on it and especially how he had to use the GPS system. Now that was an insult to everyone else’s intelligence.

The whole time Jordan had a lighthearted expression on his face. It was hilarious! He couldn’t believe that for the few years that he had been away, Garth had gone from a competitor to a complete idiot. The whole thing from start to finish sound like a joke and he couldn’t even believe that the whole thing had even actually happened. It was completely a joke. But then of course, no wonder why Varian seemed so agitated and upset. Going from a skilled commander to a complete fool... That was a big jump that not many people willingly adapted to.

“Garth had become quite a fool I see.” Jordan said with a chuckle. “I didn’t know he was so terribly stupid now.”

varian shook his head sadly.

“He’s not bad of a strategist but on the field, he’s nothing.”

“Is he still the type of guy who controls everything from the commander's room?”

Varian nodded.

“But even then, he’s no better at that than you are.”

Jordan shook his head.

“You know I would be terrible at that.”

“That’s what I mean.

“You mean that Garth can’t even commander from the room anymore? I remember he use to have some sense in his mind.”

“No. He’s too ideal. He figures that he knows what the other side is going to do if he tries one thing and he doesn’t bother to think up of other possible ways that the operation might go wrong. You don’t understand the amount of operations that had gone under because of his shortsightedness.”

“Then he’s a mess! Why is my father still using him?”

“He would believe that it was Garth’s fault and pushed the blame multiple times on other people. We’ve lost so many people because of that. It was terribly angering.”

Jordan nodded. He would’ve been just as angry if that had happened to him. He sighed.

“Well, Varian old buddy, we’ll need to think of a plan. To get rid of this Garth.”

Varian’s eyes lit up.

“You’re willing to... You know...”

Jordan nodded.

“I think it’s time we get a new Boss as well.” He muttered slightly. “But don’t tell anyone I said that. Gives bad vibes.”

He gave Varian a wink and the man nodded in return.

“Now, I think that’ll have to do for now. I’m afraid people might get suspicious if you leave too long.”

Varian sighed with agreement and got up. Jordan gave him a small slap on the back.

“Stop by often, bud. We might be able to get something done together.”

“I will.”

Jordan slapped the door button once again and let Varian out, giving him one last wave before the door slid shut, cutting them off from each other.

The End

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