.05 Questing: SlumsMature

“So that’s how you met the freelancers...”

Kyle nodded.

“And that also go me curious about the library in the palace. And the rest... well you know most of the rest.”

Sarah nodded, now realizing how lucky he was to find someone who was just so tolerable.

“We’re here.” Kyle stopped in front a dark grating on the side of the palace. Sarah nodded, wondering what these ditches were for. Obviously not sewage. First off, there weren’t enough people living in the palace to require such big sewage ditches. Also, was dirty as the slums were, they understood at least that dumping sewage out on the open was not ok. So what were these ditches for?

“These ditches... Why are they here?”

“I’m not too sure. I’ve heard that they use to fill them up with water to mimic the sound go trickling water because the last queen had a voice that seemed to match it well. But other than that, I don’t know.”

Sarah nodded. Kyle grabbed the grating and pushed it upwards.

“Help me.” He grunted and Sarah handed her hands on the grated to push as well.

The grating was somewhat rusty and had bars that had been obviously broken off and hastily replaced by wooden sticks. The wood was splintered and rotting off.

The grating made a loud screeching noise as it slowly rolled upwards.

Sarah was bewildered for a moment.

“Won’t they hear this?”

Kyle shook his head.

“The palace makes so many weird noises, they’re use to it already.”

“Weird noises? Why?”

“Rats, mice. At least that’s was rumored to be in the palace. Who knows why it creaks constantly?”

Once the grating had been cleared out of the way, they took a step into the darkness of the hole behind the grating. The air in there was damp even through years of abandonment. It smell stale and the dirty smells of the slums were left behind. Kyle followed through the small cramped path slowly, feeling his way along as if he had gone through here many times. He was muttering something under his breath, possibly numbers?

“Here.” He stopped abruptly and looked up, his fingers crawling against the wall as if he was searching for something. They finally stopped at a little hook and grabbed onto it. Kyle pulled down with all his might and there was a click as a small cover came down. Kyle motioned for Sarah to go first and she climbed up the hole with the help of Kyle.

When she landed in the room, she noticed that they had came out of hidden trapdoor the looked just like a floorboard. The room was filled with books. All the walls were lined with book shelves packed full to the brim with books that squeezed tightly against each other. There was a layer of dust on the floor and Sarah almost sneezed.

The floor of the room was decorated with a worn carpet that must had been looted from one of the domes. The chairs were just as old looking and hardly matched the rug at all. Everything had a dissonant feel to it that caused you to want to leave the room as fast possible. But it must have also been a great impetus to get someone submerged into reading.

Kyle clambered up a few moments later and dusted himself off before he looked around.

“Yup.” He finally said. “This was the room I stayed in to read all of the books in the palace.”

“I hate this room.” Sarah could only responding, hating how much the furniture made her want to rip it up.

Kyle laughed.

“I’ve come to tolerate it.”

“Now Hannah.” Sarah frowned impatiently. Kyle nodded.

“She know you so it would best be that you try to go and get her. She’s seen me try to buy her off before. Who know what she thinks of me.”

Sarah nodded in agreement.

“But where am I going to find Hannah?”

“I’m not too sure where she would be since she just move in. But I would say check the royal chambers.” Kyle walked over to one of the shelves and scanned quickly for a book. His finger stopped a thin one which he pried off the shelf. He opened it up and took out a small folded up piece of paper.

“Map.” He said handing it to her.

“You sure are prepared.”

Kyle rolled her eyes.

“Of course. I’ve been in and out of this palace for years. How could I not know all of this? Now, weren’t you the impatient one?”

Sarah blushed and grabbed the paper before heading off towards the royal chambers in search of Hannah.

The End

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