.05 Questing: FreelancersMature

The whole incident was a little bizarre. Kayli swore there was something else behind it. The boy definitely was not there just to play a joke on them. She could tell just by one look on the gun. It was a legitimate gun and it was a dome gun. Unless this sickly boy had taken part in one of the few slumming incidents where they got to fight the domes troops, there was no way the boy would have gotten the gun other than being from the domes. And if he was from the domes, then he was here for a reason other than joking.

Kayli was quite confused now, not quite too sure what really happen and how much of it was real and how much of it was acted out for show. She felt that the boy might have been trying to diverge their attention from something else more important, but reports came in saying that they left immediately afterwards, the boy looking rather upset.

There seemed to be something wrong with the whole situation, something off. As if they had made some type of mistake. But Kayli quickly forgot about it. She had something more important on her mind.

She had to find the book.

The building had been mostly destroyed from the implosion, but some things were still intact. Was the library still there? She didn’t know. She would have to go back and check. But at least one thing she knew for sure, the library was in the basement, and the explosion didn’t seem to have affected anything more than the outer shell of the building. So maybe, the foundation was still intact. Maybe, the library was still there. Maybe she would still be able to find the book. This would be their only hope.

“Tell them that I’ll be back.” She whispered to a nearby boy, before slipping out of the backup headquarters. She jogged down the road and hoped for the best. The fate of the future rested in this book. If this book was gone, then they would be screwed. And the slums would disappear along with the freelancers.

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The End

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