.05 Questing: DomesMature

“It’s the perfect time to do it!” Garth exclaimed, pointing to a spot on a holographic map. “If we attack here while the freelancers are still weak, we could get rid of them once and for all.”

Boss was standing next to him, nodding. His solemn face glowed with excitement. With the freelancers gone, it would only be moments before the slums were taken down as well.

“Well? Do you think so?” Garth asked, wondering what was keeping Boss silent. His excited face just a few moments ago suddenly dimmed.

“I don’t think it’s just that easy. You’ll have to be careful. Jordan was in their midst for five years and still failed to find out about some of their backup plans. You best be careful. These freelancers are dangerous.”

Garth nodded, now realizing what had happened.

So that was where half of the troops went. And why Jordan was now a nobody.

Garth realized that this was the chance he was waiting for to earn his spot as the true commander and successor to Boss.

“I’ve got it.”

Boss nodded approvingly.

“Be careful out there.”

Garth nodded and walked out with as much of an air of confidence his thin wilted frame could muster. He waved at the other half of the troops left in the domes, his troops.

“We’re setting off!” Garth didn’t quite know commander lingo yet and these words fell awkwardly out of his mouth, sounding horribly out of place. The troops straggled after him, some still upset that Jordan was no longer leading them but this sickly thing that couldn’t even lift a macro-gun.

Garth lead them towards the portal and they were portaled to a secret entrance known only to the people of the domes, an entrance that was created by Jordan ironically. For a moment, Garth stood in the dimness of the slums, trying to see with his still adjusting eyes. Everything was black and for a moment he felt a bit of horror cling onto him.

But finally, he could make out enough to walk without tripping over anything. But it was just so dim. He had wished that he had brought one of their superlights, but that would have given them away. Als, he knew thought that this was going to be this dark in the first place.

He followed the GPS on his wrist, making sure to use the empty streets instead of the more traveled ones as his teacher had taught him. He took extra precautions at every turn and stopped every time there was a noise. Going was terribly slow and his men were already getting tired of this stupid going. They had been here many times with Jordan. They knew which streets were safe and which weren’t. They knew which streets were the fast way to certain places. They were trained by Jordan to be able to navigate this place without the help of anything. Especially not that stupid GPS that Garth had.

But as slow as they went, they eventually reached a dark house, worn and abandoned. This must be it as the little spot on Garth’s GPS began beeping softly, noticing him that they were near their destination.

“When I say attack, we attack.” He said, ignoring the many eyes that were rolled at him. “Now men, to places.”

Garth almost stopped just to watch as the troops ran out in perfect lines, finding hiding places as if they had been doing this since they were five. Garth almost forgot where he was suppose to go.

He jumped behind a barrel.

“Attack!” He shouted and jumped out from behind the barrel. He charged into the tavern, but there was no one there along with him. It was just him.

The moment he stepped in, he was faced with 20 pairs of eyes all glaring at him. He stood there stupidly for a moment when he remember that he was suppose to be killing them and took an aim at a nearby man.

He pulled the trigger and realized that he had not loaded his gun.

“Oh, one- one second.” He sputtered, quickly charging it up, but the moment had been lost and now he just looked like a fool trying to play a practical joke on them. They quickly forgot about him and went back to their regular works. Garth felt a force of anger burn up inside him. How dar they just ignore him like that? He had a freaking gun in his hands! He took a shot at a man in anger, but missed, leaving a dark hole on the wood beside his head.

“Woah!” The man shouted and turned to glare at him. “That was not funny. You know you can kill someone with that.”

“Blast-balls.” He cursed, trying to charge his gun. Why were these things so clunky? Was there not a way to hold more than one charge at a time?

“Yo, child! Are you listening to me?”

“Who did you call child?” Garth suddenly stopped. He was no child. He was a grown man! Maybe he was a little slickly looking, but he was grown. He was NOT a child.

“You! You’re a child!”

Garth’s eyes flew wide open and he screamed, throwing his still charging gun aside and threw himself against the man. He banged his fists against him fury.

“I’m not child! Say that! Tell them that I’m no child!” He screamed at the man, spittle flying from his mouth, his voice now turning into high pitched squeak.

“Chill kid.” The man said, pushing him gently away, still thinking that this whole thing was just a joke with a stupid immature child.

“I’m not a kid! I-”

At the moment, the man stuff his fist into his mouth and knocked out quite a few teeth. Garth landed on the ground and curled up into a ball holding his mouth.

“My patience is wearing thin. Whatever you are, I suggest you leave.”

Garth stared at the man bewildered. This had never happened to him before. He never had that much experience on the field, after all, he was more of a tactician than a warrior. He was excited to be commander, but he never knew that it was this hard to get people to listen to you or to even take you seriously. He wonder how this would have went if Jordan had been here.

Jordan... Garth now felt bad. They had been such rival for so long, but now that Garth’s advantage was gone, he realized how weak he really was. Jordan was now just as much of a tactician was he was and sometimes even better. Jordan had the experience on the field. He was smart. Sometimes, Garth wondered if Jordan’s punishment wasn’t even really punishment, but a way to get better in disguise.

Garth was tired of competing. Really. Why could they just... just be friends? He knew is sounded really corny, but two people was better than one right? But he knew that Jordan would never forgive him. Jordan was just that kind of person. Garth knew what he was like.

“Kid, are you listening?”

Garth pulled back into the present, remembering that he was still lying on the ground. He crawled up, grabbed his gun and stumbled out of the room, still holding his mouth. He wondered why his troops hadn’t come in to help him. Or why they didn’t attack. Was he doing something wrong? What had he done?

Garth looked at the ground sadly. He had failed on his first mission. How nice did that sound? He was upset.

Garth straggled back to the exit of the domes, his troops trailing behind him. He was still wonder why they didn’t come out to help him and he really should be exercising him power as the commander and yell at them. But Garth was in no mood to do anything. He just wanted to go home. And cry.

The End

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