.04 Rising: SlumsMature

“Apparently the man was from the domes. He wanted her to get used to the light and also find a way to get her to want to leave. Then he successfully convinced her to leave the throne, telling her about how horrible the slums were and also promising her a wonderful life above ground. She was suppose to leave with the man, the he suddenly disappeared, leaving her alone with you. The people of the slums hated her for stepping down and since she couldn’t find a way to escape the slums, she had to take you into hiding. And every day, she would spent her time looking for an exit to the domes.”

Sarah was silent. So that was what had happened. Her mother had been tricked. Tricked by those damned people up there and she had been living with them for 15 years of her life. Sarah could feel the hate burning up inside her. She would take the throne and prove to those jerks that she, Sarah, was not one to be messed with.

And secretly, without realizing it, her feelings for Hannah disappeared with a gust of wind. She was no longer of any importance other and than a hindrance to her newfound goal - to be the queen of the slums and make the domes pay.

But first things first. She would have to convince Hannah off the throne.

“Where would I find the queen?”

“At the palace.”

“Where’s that?”

“I can take you.”

Sarah nodded.


Kyle beckoned her to follow him and they left towards the palace.

Sarah was determined and nothing was going to stop her now. Not even Hannah.

The End

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