.04 Rising: Lady Elyn Part 4Mature

It was now a new ritual for Elyn to come to the street everyday and everyday, it would be there lit up brightly waiting for her. But she never saw the man again. She would stay there for a long as she could without hurting her eyes or get people suspicious about where she was going. She was just taking “very long walks to get more fit”. While she was away from the street, she would take out of her little bracelet of Christmas lights to play around with. She would watch with fascination as the light blinked on and off, the room turning bright and then dim.

Elyn was now long tired of the dim and boring torchlights that had once been such wonders to her. She had once loved theses torches for lighting up the world for her, because Elyn hated the dark. But now, those torches were nothing compared to her Christmas lights.

But today, when Elyn stepped onto the familiar street, the lights were not one. She frowned and looked around, wondering if she had taken a wrong turn somewhere, or if the man had just forgotten to turn on the lights. She was sure that she had taken the right route - it had been so long, so it must have been the second one. She stared down the road disappointed and was about to leave when a small cough caught her attention. She turned around and saw the man standing behind her smiling.

“Leaving so early?”

“The light’s aren’t on.” She said, not even bothering to hide her disappointment.

“It’s because I have another surprise for you.”

He snapped his fingers again and the lights flew back on once again. But now, they were no longer just pure white light, but light of all sorts of colors. There were blue lights and pink lights, green lights and red lights. Elyn could only stare.

The lights danced around her as she walked down the street, giggling and laughing. Who knew that lights could be so pretty? But now to think about it, her bracelet no longer seemed adequate enough to satisfy her need while she was away. The man seemed to have noticed the cloud that spread over her face and laughed lightly.

“You’ll get a new one soon enough.”

Elyn’s eyes lit up and soon, she was submerged into her colorful world, completely forgetting the outside world.

Elyn stayed there for three days and three nights, her eyes were so swollen in the end that she could barely even see. But she was so happy and so wonderfully content with the way she spent her time. When she finally crawled back to the palace, she was locked up for three days for running away. But Elyn didn’t care because the moment she could open her eyes again, she noticed that her bracelet suddenly was changed to a colorful one.

Her excitement was indescribable. Instead of leaving her room after three days, she stayed in it for another week just playing with the bracelet, the street completely forgotten. She found out that if you moved the bracelet really fast in the air, you could see little lines that formed. And now, Elyn’s new game was catch the line, where she would try to grab the line out of the air.

Of course, she didn’t know that light was matterless and could not be grabbed, but it was still an amusing game and she was quite sure that one day, she would be able to grab the line and she would have a bright glowing string in her hands.

This was Elyn’s new goal.

This was the beginning of the end.

The End

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