.04 Rising: Lady Elyn Part 3Mature

Elyn stepped down the street with a steady but quick pace. She was somewhat tired from all the concentration before, trying the conjuring but it was fine. She thought she could walk it out. Nothing terribly.

Elyn was strolling down the street when a small scene caught her eye.

On the corner of the street a tall elegant man was standing, a hat in hand, staring at her curiously. She could feel his eyes on her and it sent a shiver down her spine. She didn’t know if it was a good thing or not, no one had ever stared at like that before. She took a small step forward, and noticed that man saw that she was staring at him.

He beckoned her over and Elyn stepped forward curiously. She wanted to know who this man was. She was curious and this curiosity was insatiable.

“Were you beckoning me?” She asked, her voice press low so that not much attention would be drawn to them, But that was a little hard because of how pure her voice was. Not many people could forget her voice or hear it and not know who she was. The man chuckled slightly.

“I think this is not the place to talk.” He muttered, taking her hand and guiding her away. Elyn’s heart fluttered and as she followed the man down the road until she could no longer recognize where they were. She wasn’t quite worried because she knew the no one had any thoughts of hurting her. She knew it because that was just how the slums worked. The queen had absolute safety or else.... It was not an idea that was pleasant.

“Where are we going?” Elyn was rather naive and this sudden adventure caught her curiosity.

“Some place quiet.” He said shortly, shushing her as he led her away.

There were less and less people on the streets until finally, he stopped.

They were on a dark avenue with almost no one here. There were barely any lights and Elyn had a hard time seeing. She felt somewhat afraid, but it was a feeling that she had never felt before and she didn’t quite know how to respond to it. So she just stood there and kept quiet, waiting for something to happen.

“I heard you were quite tired of living in the palace.” He said once again. Elyn noticed that he had quite a silky voice, one that was soothing and matched almost perfectly with her.

“Ahh... There is nothing new there. I’m getting restless. Nothing is happening here.”

The man smiled, and gestured down the lane.

“Then I hope you like this.” He snapped and suddenly, every corner of the street lit up. Elyn stared in wonder for a moment before she began walking down the bright street, inspecting these little glowing wonders. They looked like strings of light bulbs wrapped tightly around everything until the entire street had been covered in them. It was so beautiful. Elyn had never seen anything so bright before.

“This... this is amazing...” She said, breathless, completely in awe. The man smiled slightly.

“They’re called Christmas lights.” He said, handing her a small bracelet of them. “Here. A small portable set just for you.”

Elyn snatched the lights out of the man’s hand and slid them onto her wrist, clicking them on and off, admiring the brightness. The light that came out of them. It was just so pure. Was this what the sun looked like? Elyn wondered and was about to ask when she noticed that the man had left without a noise and she was left alone on the bright street with her light bracelet around her wrist.

The End

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