.04 Rising: Lady Elyn Part 2Mature

Elyn was in her quickly diminishing library scanning the shelves for anything that might catch her eyes. She had gotten rid of most of the books. She had tried to conjure up a dog many times, but the best that she had gotten, was a small smoke cloud contained in a glass ball. According to the book, the smoke would slowly take form in the item the conjurer wished to create. But nothing happened. Days later, the smoke was gone with only it’s putrid smell remaining.

Elyn sighed as she browsed through her library. The thought of having a puppy consumed her mind now. She was just so lonely here. Such a large and lovely place for such a small amount of people. Being queen was so terribly boring.

She stuck out one long graceful finger and slid another book out of the book shelf. She pushed it out of the self gracefully and the book drop onto the ground with a thump. She bent down and grabbed it, scanning the cover: Conjurations: That Art of Creation. Elyn sighed. She had seen plenty of these books no and these titles were bland to her as shit. She was tired and all she wanted was something new to come into her life.

Elyn walked out of the library and grabbed her cloak which had been resting against a small fashioned couch.

“I’ll be back!” She shouted taking a step out of palace. She wanted some adventure now and it was the time to do it.

The End

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