.04 Rising: Lady Elyn Part 1Mature

In a dark alleyway, a tall elegant lady stood staring at a wall. Her thin elegant eyebrows were knit into a frown as she thought about something. Her pale hair was pulled back into an elegant bun with only a single strand of hair dangling out. A pale hand reached up and pushed it back into the bun as her rosy lips turned down into a frown of disapproval. She was not happy about something.

This, was Lady Elyn Granolin Moore.

Elyn shook her head sadly before she turned around and left the alleyway, glancing back at a piece of paper in her hands. It was an old leaflet, a page that must have been torn from a book.

“This book is a lie as well.” She said, waving the page at nearby doorman who was waiting patiently for her. Elyn had a wonderfully musical voice that rang like bells. It was said to sound like the trickling of a little creek. But no one had ever seen a creek before, so the comparison was never proven.

Elyn gave the doorman the page.

“I think I’ve had enough for today.” She rest a delicate hand lightly against her forehead. “I’m getting rather dizzy from all this concentration. Remember to tell Sam to burn those books.”

“My Lady, all of them?”

Elyn gave him a small glance and a smirk

“Of course all of them.”

Then she climbed into the carriage. The doorman only shook his head as he drove the carriage forward, not noticing the page that had fallen out of his coat pocket.

It’s subject scrawled in careful script along the top:


The End

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