.04 Rising: SlumsMature

Sarah was bewildered as she stumbled down the street. She was a mess and she had barely even slid her hood up over her head. Her whole life was now... a lie? She didn’t understand. What was her mother trying to do? What had she been scheming? Now that she thought about it, it made so much more sense why they were living in a small dirty room, why her mother acted as if she had wanted posters with her face on it posted all over the slums. No wonder why. It all just seemed to click now.

But now Sarah was confused. What was suppose to happen? That day that her mother left her, was she suppose to survive? Or was that all a lie too? Just another way to “save” Sarah while sacrificing herself? She needed to find out more.

Sarah wanted to go back and talk to the salon woman, but she wasn’t there and Sarah didn’t know where else to find her. Anyways, she probably wouldn’t be able to help her in the first place. And that left the only other person that she knew here. Kyle.

Sarah settled herself slightly before she turned around and headed back towards that room of truth. He had to know more. Kyle was hiding something from her and she knew it. She had to find out. Even if Kyle didn’t know, with his abilities, she was sure he’d be able to help her. and if she had to find a way to manipulate him, well, she had her way to the throne as a threat. Kyle seemed to care about the queen a lot.

As she was making her way down the street she spied Kyle coming towards her.

“Kyle!” She shouted, half-waving to him. He immediately saw her and motioned for her to keep quiet. Sarah winced, remembering that she was now in the slums. Shouting across the road was not always the best idea.

She waited as Kyle made his way over, making to sure to keep out of the way. No need to get caught now.

“You owe me a name.” He muttered, before he grabbed her and guided her into a more quieter place.

Sarah blushed, realizing that in her excitement, she had forgot to introduce herself.


Kyle nodded.

“So, you were looking for me.”

“Ahh, yes. I was wondering if you knew anything else about my mom.”

Kyle watched her silently for a moment Sarah could tell he was thinking. Arguing over whether or to tell her. But he gave in finally.

“I do. Would you like to hear?”

Sarah nodded eagerly. Kyle sighed.

“It all started when one night...”

The End

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