.04 Rising: FreelancersMature

The back-up headquarters was basically another ran down tavern, in an even more desolate part of the slums. But it was useful. Kayli was sitting at a nearby coffee table that had been moved there the moment they got here.

Kayli was plotting.

Right now, she needed to find a way to raise forces so that she could deal with the domes. But most of all, she had to find a way to stop the domes from rising up.

The Dome’s biggest weapon wasn’t their troops. In fact, those people that were sent out to kill her, they were probably the best that they got and she was sure that it was probably, if not all, most of all that they had. The rest were all there only for show. She knew from experience that most of them didn’t even know how to fire the gun that they had resting in their hands (which were mostly also unloaded or broken). Their biggest weapons were the mechanical robots that the founders had spent so long creating. These robots were big 12 ft monsters, so sleek and fast that you could barely see them move. And the biggest issue of all - they have no weak spots. These were the perfect killing machine and you had no way of stopping them. Throughout the entire history of conflict, only one of these robots was successfully destroyed.

Of course, nothing could truly be perfect and theses robots had one major flaw that still had been fixed - it’s consummation of energy was at a ridiculously high number that caused running even one of these robots a huge expense of precious energy, nevermind a whole army. Which might have also been the reason why so few have actually appeared.

Kayli sighed. She knew one thing for sure. She would have to honor of witnessing one of these killing machines in action and the possible near future. She knew it. After all, the domes weren’t just going to let her go after she just killed most of their very best men.

“Ryan?” She shouted out, looking for the library boy. A small soot covered boy ducked out from the crowd and ran towards her.

“Yes, Miss Rose.”

“Tell me about the robots.”

Ryan’s little eyes flew wide in excitement.

“You mean the I-741? The one that was nicknamed the killing machine? The-”

“Yes Ryan, that one.” Kayli nodded, smiling slightly.

“Oh!” The boy paused to settle himself. His eyes glanced up at the roof as if he was trying to recall some passage from some book that he had memorized word for word. “The I-741 was created with the idea of defeating all who opposed. It was originally made only for show and so certain aspects such as energy consumption were overlooked. When the final product was made, it was a wonder. But due to it’s costly consumption of energy, was almost completely unusable.

“The I-741 was claimed to be flawless. Nothing could stop it. The only I-741 that was destroyed was claimed to have been stopped because its joints had been so covered in blood that it could no longer move and one of the circuits shorted. But it was later said that the shorted circuit was not because of damage on the field but because that particular model was a glitchy model...”

Ryan trailed off, thinking of anything else that he could think of. Kayli was about to send him off when his eyes lit up again.

“Oh! And you know, I found out that..” He looked around before leaning closer to Kayli. “That there is a way to destroy the I-741!”

Kayli’s eyes flew open and she stared at the boy.

“Where? Where did you see that?”

Ryan shrugged.

“It was a small book that was hidden behind all of the others. Funny because it was also filed under the pottery section. I checked the catalogs and it was all stored under pottery.”

Kayli frowned.

“What did it say?”

“It said that because the founders were afraid that one day, if the energy issue was solved that someone might rise up to be a dictator, so they created an emergency short circuit system. Rumor even has it that the I-741 that got destroyed actually fell because of this system.”

“Where is the system? Is is possible to find?”

Ryan shook his head.

“You have to make the system. I forget the details, but it consists of two parts. On must be connected to the left ventilation hole. The other is an activation remote. But that’s all that I know.”

Kayli nodded, barely containing her excitement. If this was all real, then she would have a way to win.

The End

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