.04 Rising: SlumsMature

Kyle fell back into his chair the moment the girl left. The whole time he had forgotten to ask her name and now he felt stupid of it, but if you were to look, his entire back was soaked in sweat. This entire situation was crazy. The queen had just shown up to his pimping business and he had just revealed some secret that had apparently been hidden from her since she was young. Kyle leaned back and sighed. He never liked being thrown into politics and this was already pushing the limits. But that dome girl Hannah was very taunting. He wanted her. Even if it was just for one month. He would get so many more customers, much better buisness and this would be his way to success. He would really be Kyle the Great.

Kyle frowned as he thought about what Sarah had told him. He hadn’t actually known that someone had risen to become the new queen. If he had, he wouldn’t have been here right now. But Kyle was deeply troubled. Why was someone trying to fake a queen? Was it another person who wanted the chaos to end just as much as he did? But Kyle knew it definitely was not something as simple as that. He’d wish, but that would be almost impossible. No one in this place would care for the world. People of the slums were selfish, deceitful people.

Of course you could ask why not Kyle. But that was another story that he didn’t feel like thinking about too much now.

Kyle shook his head. The implosion of the freelancer headquarters was already a shock to the Slums and now this? Someone was definitely trying to mess things up, not to mention what the last queen had done.

Kyle got up from his desk and waved to a nearby servant.

“Take any clients in for me will you?”

The servant nodded and Kyle smiled slightly before he left.

It was time for a scavenger hunt.

The End

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