.04 Rising: DomesMature

After that incident, Jordan had gotten into major trouble, but it didn’t matter to him. He had won. He had beaten the daylights out of his enemy. He almost killed him and if Jordan had wanted to, he could have killed Garth. It was only a matter of stabbing the boy a few centimeters to the left.

Garth took three day to stabilize and even longer to fully recover. The first day he came back to class, there was so much tension that class had to be held separately and they never learned together again. The only thing that still bothered Jordan was the fact that his father seemed to always side with Garth. Always. And it was super frustrating. Who was his son? Garth or Jordan? Did he forget?

It really annoyed Jordan and he could only feel anger. An anger that still lasts today.

There was a knock on the door and Jordan snapped out of his thoughts.

He looked at the screen in front of him to see who it was and a look of disgust showed up on his face. Garth. What was he doing here? Gloating at the fact that Jordan was now a nobody and he had all power?

“What?” He said into the CameraCam, his voice steely cold as he stared at the disgusting face of Garth, who still had a crooked nose from that time Jordan had broken his nose.

“I just came to see you.”

“Why would you want to see me? I don’t remember even being on friendly terms with you.”

“Aw, now come on. That was so many years ago.”

“Don’t you try to pull that ‘it’s been a long time’ trick. I’m not stupid.” He growled and slammed the CameraCam shut, blocking out Garth’s face, but he could still hear his muffled voice from through the door. Why didn’t they make them soundproof? He groaned. Garth’s voice didn’t seem so friendly anymore as he shouted through the voice.

“So what did you do this time that made you lose all your power?”

“That is none of your business.”

He heard Garth laugh.

“None of my business? Suddenly being at the bottom of the world is none of my business ? I have all the right to send you to hell right now. But I’m not. You should be fucking thanking me. Get your facts straight. This is my business because I want to know what the fuck happened so I don’t make the same stupid mistake.”

“Why should I tell you that? I don’t give a shit about your life! Do you think I would want to help you? What kind of bullshit do you have in mind?” Jordan wanted to punch him. He wanted to rip off the door and throw it at Garth. But he couldn’t. He knew that if anything happened to Garth now, he would never get out of the trouble he was currently in. To be honest, he really didn’t give a shit about what his father cared. But right now, with no power in his hands, he couldn’t do anything yet. It was a waiting game to see who was more patient and Jordan was going to win no matter what.

Jordan could almost picture Garth’s thin smile, his sneer, flaunting his newfound power in Jordan’s face. It was disgusting.

“I don’t think saying that was to the best of your advantage Jordan.”

“No one fucking cares.” He muttered.

“What was that?” Garth shouted out, unable to understand what Jordan had just said.

“Nothing! Go to hell!” Jordan got up and slammed his foot against the door, causing it to rattle loudly. He stormed back to his desk and decidedly ignored Garth. He wasn’t here of course. Garth was just talking to air. Little stupid person.

The End

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