.04 Rising: SlumsMature

The man in the cloak moved rather fast and Sarah had a hard time following them without making it look obvious. She let out a breath of relief as the man began slowing down and finally stopped at a run down hut in which he quickly ducked into. Sarah stopped outside the hut and decided to watch what was going on from a hole in the wall.

She leaned in and peek into the hole.

Inside, the man set Hannah lightly on a bed, covering her up in a bathrobe. Then he turned and left, leaving the door surprisingly unlocked. Sarah thought it was the perfect moment and snuck in.

“Hannah!” She shouted, shaking the half-dazed girl. Hannah slowly turned to looked at her.

“Oh! Sarah! Why hello!”

“Hannah, are you alright?” Sarah gazed at her with a look of concern.

“Oh, I’m fine.” She said, shaking Sarah’s hand off of her. “I’ve went through training.”

“Training? What training? You know this place is dangerous. We need to get out.”

To her surprise, Hannah shook her head.

“I like this place.” She muttered. “Richard is nice to me.”

“Richard? Who’s Richard?”

“Nothing.” Hannah mumbled turning away. Sarah glanced around anxiously.

“Hannah, listen, you have to leave. Being queen is no fun. Really.”

Hannah looked confused for a moment.

“Really? But Richard told me it’s easy. I just have to sit there and smile...”

“No, that’s not what you do. You-”

“Wait.” Hannah cut her short, squinting at her. “How do you know that I was going to become queen? You must be a spy! You’re trying to trick me so that you can have all the fun. Right?”

Sarah stared at Hannah bewildered.

“No Hannah, listen to me!”

“Get out! You’re a liar! Get out!”


“Get out or I’ll scream!”

Hannah got up and pushed Sarah backwards, sending her almost tumbling out of the hut. Sarah threw Hannah one last pleading glance, but she only received a glared. Exasperated and out of ideas, Sarah rushed off, deeply afraid that Hannah would cause a scene.

She would have to come up with another plan.

The End

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