.04 Rising: SlumsMature

Sarah was so focused on getting to Kyle’s place that she almost didn’t notice the large crowd that was blocking half the street. She looked up curiously to see what all the commotion was about.

There seemed to be a platform lodged in the space between two buildings that had something quite important going on. So important that Sarah stopped with a frown. She was curious, but at the same time, she had a bad feeling about this whole situation. Something didn’t feel right. She pushed near the crowd, avoiding contact with too many men. Thank god she had her cloak to hide her. A woman walking on the streets alone was almost suicide.

Sarah peered through the crowd and saw, on the stage, a two cloaked figures. One seemed to be talking, thought she couldn’t really tell in such a commotion. The other just stood there timidly. She couldn’t really tell what gender it was, but the figure looked somewhat familiar. Sarah squinted at it and her curiosity only grew. Why did that person look so familiar?

The first cloaked figure must have said something quite inspiring, because in the next moments, a cheer suddenly roared out from the crowd and Sarah’s hood was almost knock backwards by some spectator’s hand, who had in a moment of excitement shot it in the air. Sarah stared at the stage questioningly, weaving out of the crowd to avoid another one of those near death incidents.

She took a step behind a building to hide herself, cleverly finding an angle that showed her everything. It was a shame though that with the crowd and the distance of a streets length between her and the stage, she couldn’t hear a hint of what the figure was saying. She leaned forward, but she knew that it was useless. She really wanted to walk up to the crowd and slap everyone of them and tell them to shutup. But the next moment, she froze in surprise.

Who in the world was that?

She stared at the person on the stage and for a moment, she didn’t know how to react.

It was obviously Hannah. But what was she doing here?

Hannah was changed. Her hair was almost just as pale as Sarah’s, but she could tell it was bleached as it laid limply across Hannah’s shoulders. It was just too lifeless. But those purple eyes kept on distracting her and her own eyes kept fleeting back to them. She wanted to tell herself it wasn’t real, but she knew what was going on.

Hannah had taken her spot as queen.

Now if anyone else had tried to steal her spot, she could care less. But this was Hannah! Sarah saw what being queen had done to her mother. This was almost worse than anything else that could have happened to Hannah.

But what could Sarah do now? She could only wait it out and hope for the best. Then, she would really need to find a way to get Hannah out. But now as least she didn’t need to worry about dealing with Kyle.

She turned back to watch the stage, wondering why someone wanted to steal her place as such a horrible spot in the slums. Another cheer roared out through the crowd of people and suddenly, they began climbing onto the stage, running towards Hannah. The cloaked figure took a step back and disappeared into the crowd, leaving Hannah alone to face the swarm of men. For a moment Sarah lost sight of Hannah and then and next moment, she saw a dark black cloak get thrown into the air.

And then she realized what they were doing.

Sarah paled as she watched the crowd practically trample Hannah. Clothes flew all over the place as men take turns. Occasionally a satisfied man would squeeze himself out of the crowd and leave as if nothing had ever happened.

Waves panic washed over Sarah as she watched scene, not quite to sure what to do. She couldn’t just rush in and grab her, that would be suicide. But she couldn’t just let Hannah go through all this...

In her moments of confusion and bewilderment, the crowd slowly dispersed, revealing a naked body lying on the ground.

A dark shadow hopped out and grabbed the body before Sarah could jump out from behind the building and ran off.

Sarah grit her teeth and followed behind them, Kyle long forgotten.

The End

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