.04 Rising: SlumsMature

With the long wait over, her once swollen cheek was now down to it’s normal size. Everyday, the salon women had filled Sarah with bits and pieces of what happened during the years that she left. It was interesting to hear as an outsider to hear what went on in the slums, but most of the times though, she was just glad that she had left.

Last night, the salon women came in and told her that she was finally allowed to leave. So this morning, she woke up nice and early, her little amount of belongings all packed and ready to leave. She was about to leave when she spied a note on her table.


By the time you’re awake, I am probably no longer here. I have just received news that my beloved family has been injured in an implosion of their home. I must go and visit them now that I no longer need to protect you. The streets have been rather dangerous these days. It wasn’t just because of that bruise on your face. I hope you understand.

Kyle is only 15, but he’s been said to be very manipulative. I want you to be careful when making negotiations with him. I’m sure he’s quite angry right now, so the best way would be to go along with him and then either buy your friend out or steal her away. To get to his place, you only need to continue 5 blocks down the road from the way you came here.

I wish you luck and may we all survive in our separate ways.


Sarah stared at the note for a moment, trying to take in all of the information. What had happened? An imploding building? Did that happen often? Surely if it did, she had never seen one implode the fives years she lived here, nor had the salon woman tell her of any implosions. Something must have happened.

Sarah frowned. This meant that the slums could be even more dangerous. Just another reason why she should hurry and get Hannah out. If something happened to Hannah, her whole quest would have to considered a failure. Sarah tucked the note in her bag and promptly left the salon, hurrying down the road to the pimp’s house.

The End

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